Staging and Predictions Begin for Super Bowl LIII Hosted by Atlanta

With the gathering of 10,000 volunteers, preparations for Super Bowl LIII 2019 have begun in full force. Former player of the Atlanta Falcons, Warrick Dunn, will be leading the group in helping set the stage for this incredible event. Along with the event preparations, predictions have started to arise on which two teams will arrive at the super bowl and how all the teams will play on their fight to the top. The murmurs have already begun about who will beat the odds to become the next super bowl champions.

History of the Super Bowl in Atlanta

With two prior events within its borders, Atlanta and the super bowl have a long history together. As the first in Atlanta, Super Bowl XXVIII featured the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills as they squared off to become the super bowl champions of 1994. As predicted, Dallas easily took the win.

In 2000, Atlanta again hosted the super bowl between the St. Louis Rams and Tennessee Titans. With neither team holding a prior super bowl win, and the game so closely matched, no one could predict that the Rams would fiercely hold back the Titans to secure the championship. For this third championship game in Atlanta, predictions have been all over the place, closely mimicking the atmosphere before the 2000 Super Bowl XXXIV game.

Super Bowl LIII Preparations

With under 200 days to go until the two remaining teams play for the championship, super bowl preparations are off to a great start. The team of 10,000 strong have started learning their roles as guides for all visitors to the venue.

Local businesses vie for contracts and gear up for the influx of tourists across the week of Super Bowl LIII 2019. Although organizers plan to host 75,000 people inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium, their arrangements must account for at least twice as many people coming down to attend surrounding events – and to just be a part of the celebration.

Predictions for Super Bowl Betting Odds

As event organizers gear up to make Super Bowl LIII the most memorable NFL championship game yet, predictions for super bowl betting odds have started to come rolling in. The betting odds focus on each teams’ potential to rise to the top of the rankings and win the division playoffs.

Past statistics favor Tom Brady leading the New England Patriots to yet another super bowl appearance. Despite that, many spectators hope that the Chargers come in from behind to shake things up. The San Francisco 49ers are almost always in the running as potential contenders for the super bowl – and this year is no exception.

Once the final two teams are squared away, super bowl predictions, odds and bets will become the talk of the nation. Any of the teams have the ability to match the drama of Super Bowl LII with its many record-setting plays and resulting proposition bet wins. The upcoming championship game is scheduled for Sunday, February 3rd, 2019, so stay tuned to see how it all plays out.

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