Fans of Braves react by littering field after bad call by umpire

The Atlanta Braves fans littered the field with trash after umpire Sam Holbrook called an infield fly on a ball that went into left field.

Had an infield fly not been called the Braves would have had the bases loaded with one out. Instead the out forced the situation to two on and two out.

The Cardinals were forced to leave the field due to the debris being thrown onto the field.

Tom Verducci says that Cardinal players were forced to dodge debris to exit the field.

Braves manager Freddi Gonzalez filed a protest with the home plate umpire. When the Cardinals retook the field the fans threw debris at them again.

Watch the video below:


    • All I can say about that play is if that was an infield fly rule hit, there is no such thing a texas league single, that is with the appropriate runners on base, because the batter would automatically be out on every one of those type of hits..

  1. I don’t have a dog in this fight. I don’t follow either team, BUT, please GOOGLE the rule or wikipedia……THE UMP WAS RIGHT !! As long as an infielder is after the ball and can resonably catch the ball-even if deep in the outfield-the ump can signal IFR. The question-did the ump call it in a reasonable time?

  2. The call was right, the timing was bad. The SS could have made the play with ordinary effort. That is the only thing that mattered on that call. The bad thing was that the umpire didn’t signal anything until after the ball hit the ground. He may have been waiting to see where the ball would wind up and whether the SS could have fielded it with ordinary effort, but it was obvious that was true before the ball hit the ground.

    It is sad to see Chipper’s last game have this controversy, but the call was correct.

    I am an American League fan, but like both these teams, soI am not biased.

    • what is this all about…?…an umpire has a certain say in what….?….the game was altered on this play….the Atlanta Braves could have won this ….what is this all about…?….please educate me….what is an infield play…or an out field play…?

  3. However, the umpire is supposed to declare “Infield Fly” for the benefit of the runners, and there may be question as to whether the runners could see the ump in the outfield.

  4. On the other hand, the umpire is supposed to declare “Infield Fly” for the benefit of the runners, and there may be question as to whether the runners could see the ump in the outfield.

  5. Sam Holbrook or whatever that umpires name is…is a prick…a guy that should be beaten up in the parking lot of the Atlanta Braves stadium….here I am Sam….come and get me…I will punch your fat ass out in a minute….you are a prick

  6. By defintion of the rule, it is possible that the infielde could have made a reasonable play on the ball. However, the umpire has to make that call immediately, not just at any point the ball is in the air. That ball was maybe 15 feet from the ground before the call was made and therefore an incorrect judgement call. As well, can an outfield umpire even make an infield fly judgment?

    • hello, educate me please…what does the UMPIRE have to do with this situation…?….whay does he have to call anything….?….verbally or with hand signals….?…the ball is in the air….it is coming down….the shortstop is under it….he is waiting to catch it….he looks behind him… see what…?….he made an error….he made an error….that is all i see here….what does the umpire have to do with any of this shit….please relieve me of my tension…i love Larry Chipper Jones….and this was a disgrace to him as well as all of Atlanta and the fans….Joe Powers

  7. can anyone EXPLAIN what exactly the call was…?…WHY is it so STRANGE….the shortstop was UNDER the ball….going to catch it….what happened then…?….why does a call from an umpire have any bearing on it…I want to kick that fat umps ass all over the uSA…I mean it…I can do it too…he is a prick that cost the Braves a good chance to get to the World series….he is a prick that sholud be thrown out of the game of baseball


  9. I have been watching BB for a very long time,and have never seen a more bazarre play than that.Unbelievable what i saw tonight. and umpires are going to uphold their call. I thought that the NFL refs were holding out….WOW!!!!!!!!

  10. Joe Powers, use the power of Google and look up “infield fly rule”. If you don’t understand them after reading them, and reading the comments, I don’t think anybody here can “educate you.” I think you need more help than we can give…as indicated by way you type.

    And if you think that this call cost the Braves the game, think again. Three errors and 10 men left on base. The Cardinals played better and deserved the win, and this is coming from a lifelong Braves fan.

  11. The call was late and the shortstop did NOT have a routine catch…he’d lost the ball and either the outfielder was going to get it or no one.

  12. The Braves basically cost themselves five out of the six runs. Being a young, untested, unexperienced team; they made errors and rushed throws, ran on the wrong side of the foul line. The Cardinals pounced on Atlanta on every opportunity. I wish they would have reversed the call……….the Cardinals would have still won, but there would be no questions. Come on Washington, welcome to Saint Louis in October!!!


  13. Whoever is saying the ump made the right call is fucking stupid it was totally a bad call and I could give a shit about either team but that was total bullshit and I hope Sam Holbrook should get his face fucking stomped in.

  14. this event was a disgrace to major league baseball where professionals are supposed to act that way and fans are spectators not participants. Crucial calls like this one should never determine the outcome of a game but in this one and done scenario they become even more important. The saddest part of this thing was MLB officials making a rapid confirmation of what most viewers could have called a big mistake — the integrity of the game suffers when things like this happen – the commissioner has frequently based his decisions for the ‘good of the game’ – this is one time he should have stepped in. Whether or not the Braves could have or would have benefittedi is mute – this incident tarnishes the fairness of the game and created a nasty reaction from the fans that makes any fan ashamed of the behaviour

  15. Chipper said it best. He said he has never seen an infield fly rule called where the infielder was not camped under the ball. The umpire did not signal for an infield fly until the shortstop backed out of the way so Matt Holliday could make the play. So whoever thinks this was the right call is stupid. Who knows what could have happened if that call was reversed. Yes, Michael Bourn struck out but the Braves best hitter, Martin Prado would have had a chance to make it a one run game with a hit or tie the game with a double. But we will never know because of Sam FREAKING Holbrook. It is really sad to see Chipper go out like this.

  16. There was still a chance for the ball to be caught, stillit fell, the Braves played the game poorly, and lost ad a consequence.


  17. The outfield umpire has no business even making that call. An infield fly rule should be called immediately by the homeplate or infield umpires. The ball has to be caught with ORDINARY EFFORT, not a running over the head catch by the shortstop in shallow outfield. Sure the Braves made their errors, but so did St. Louis as evidensed on “the call” play. Had the outfield umpire not been there that call never would have been made, especially that late. We will never know,( thanks to an inept call by the professions so called best), what may have happened after that. One more run would have been walked in for sure, and the momentum of the game changed into the Braves favor! What then, no one will ever know. Any way, the Nationals will make it a moot question as they will defeat the Cards just like they have defeated Atlanta all yearlong. Bryce Harper and the rest of Washington are poised to go all the way!! Remember you heard it here!!!!!!!!!

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