How Gambling Trends Look Set To Change In The US For 2022

With more and more states legalising gambling in recent years, how can we expect the current trends to change in the coming months?

Gambling laws are slowly changing around the US and in the last few years, many states are finally approving gambling as a legal pastime. This is drastically changing the industry and the US is finally appealing to both national and international betting companies.

There are now 20 US states that allow online gambling in one way or another, be it sports betting or online casinos, and all these new punters are having a big impact on the betting trends.

Due to this, we are definitely seeing the rise of many gambling conglomerates consolidating their stance in the industry recently. Companies such as Unibet have opened online casinos and sportsbooks in almost every state where gambling is legal. This allows them to spread their profits evenly and ensure there is plenty of money to pay out even the biggest win.

But how do things look to change next year? How does this massive new influx of punters change things in the long run? In this article, we will discuss how gambling trends may evolve in 2022.

Online Gambling

For obvious reasons, during the pandemic, many punters had to move online to receive their daily doses of betting fun. Now, despite the resumption of normal life and the reopening of the high street, many people are still choosing this more convenient way of gambling.

This could be down to the fact that many sports betting shops may have had to close up shop over the lockdowns due to lack of funds and move their businesses online. Casinos have had the savings to survive these last few years, but numbers are still down on the highs of 2021.

Mobile Apps

Many online betting platforms are getting involved in mobile apps too, making betting even easier and accessible. As the years roll on, we are seeing fewer people regularly using computers or laptops and more people relying solely on their mobile phones as a less expensive, more portable alternative.

Crypto Betting

2021 saw a huge increase in the number of sites accepting crypto as payment. At the start, many people got involved when they made a fortune in the Bitcoin boom, but platforms soon realised the full potential of accepting these altcoins.

One of the major benefits of playing with crypto is the anonymity involved. Because no personal information is tied to these coins, they are totally untraceable. This means that players can enjoy gambling on platforms even if their country or state is on a restricted list.

Another bonus of playing with crypto is the extra security it entails. It is very difficult to steal off the blockchain, and if platforms themselves try to do one over on you then all the evidence is stored on the blockchain.

Provable Fairness

Using blockchain technology, gambling sites have begun to offer “provably fair gaming” by offering users the formulas involved in the random number generator.

As every round is stored on the blockchain, it is fairly straightforward (with some minor coding expertise) to find the outcome of the round and cross-reference it with the number generator.

Provable fairness has become huge this year as, for the first time, players can be 100% sure there is no interference from the house in an online setting. With the rise of crypto gaming, we can expect to see a lot more of this in the coming years.

So, that’s what we expect to see in the coming year, but only time will tell whether these trends will keep rising or get replaced by something more innovative.


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