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Gambling Podcasts vs Online Streams by Pro Players

Gambling entertainment has gone beyond the usual casino gaming. It has now embraced a new niche that involves podcasts and streaming of live events by expert gamblers. Both the podcasts and online streams have thousands of followers who religiously consume the content for entertainment, insights, and more. So, how do podcasts and online streams compare? Stay here to find out.

The online streams essentially involve expert gamblers showcasing their gaming prowess live on social platforms like YouTube and Twitch. They can broadcast anything from their experiences playing slots and other table games as well as their flashy lifestyles after supposedly winning huge sums of cash playing these games. 

Twitch has been the dominant platform for this activity, and it currently has over 160 channels of gamers playing high volatility slots, classic slots, table games, and so much more. Some of these channels have hundreds of thousands of followers. Hence, they also serve as a fantastic advertising platform for online casinos and other players in the gambling industry.

Gambling podcasts, on the other hand, are usually audios that you can enjoy whenever you can. There are many different kinds of these podcasts. Some of them focus on a particular aspect of betting like:

  • sports gambling, 
  • slots, 
  • table games, 
  • gambling news, 
  • gambling legislation, and more. 

For the best experience, you should choose one that suits your interests and preferences.

Another consideration is that podcasts are usually done by casino gurus and people with media experience. Hence, they can be fun, exciting, and insightful to listen to. The speakers may engage you by incorporating humour and offering accurate information and even some gambling suggestions. However, you must be cautious with them because some are simply not worth your time. For the creators, the podcasts are significantly cheaper to produce since they do not require sophisticated equipment. They can also be made whenever and wherever. 

Why do people love gambling podcasts and online streams?

The reasons behind the popularity of both gambling podcasts and online streams are similar. They are all casino content packaged in creative ways that can be consumed more easily than simply reading about them. People go to them for various reasons, which include:

  • Entertainment
  • Gambling Insights
  • Alternative fun

Let us take a deeper look at each of these motives:


Entertainment is perhaps the main reason why people engage in both of these platforms. The podcasts are usually done by gambling gurus who have an interesting way of talking about it. They can engage in a wide range of content, killing monotony and keeping the listeners glued to them.

The online streams do not even need to put a lot of work into entertaining their fans. The simple fact that they broadcast live gambling events is enough to fascinate all gambling enthusiasts. These experts can take big risks and try various moves that could lead to other big wins or big losses. They also express emotion in the process, thus, making it even more interactive. In the aspect of entertainment, the live streams are usually more effective compared to podcasts. They have a way of capturing the attention of the audience, and this explains their big audiences. 

Gambling Insights

People also follow these materials in search of information and insights on gambling. The fans of online streams usually try to take a closer look at the game to learn a few tricks and strategies that the pro players are using. Viewing the game with intent and keenness can also be used by some expert gamblers to try and note the patterns of certain games. This could help to improve their odds when playing the actual game. 

On the other hand, gambling podcasts have a more direct approach to offering critical information to gamblers. To begin with, sports gambling podcasts tend to offer betting predictions. They also have informative pieces on topics such as:

  • The latest sports events and betting productions
  • Gambling addiction
  • The latest gambling games
  • The latest and best wagering slots
  • Gambling laws

As aforementioned, the most successful podcasts are usually hosted by expert gamblers, so they know about betting matters. Some of them could be individuals who have gone through certain ordeals. For instance, most people who talk about gambling addiction are recovered addicts or professionals in that field. Hence, you can gain a lot from listening to them. The gambling podcasts are so much more informative compared to the online streams. They have insightful people who impart lots of knowledge on gambling. If you are looking for vital information, then you simply need to get the best gambling podcasts. 

Alternative Fun

Lastly, both the gambling podcasts and online streams can offer an alternative kind of fun for gamblers who are trying to take a break from betting for one reason or the next. The most common reason is that they have traced the signs of problem gambling and are trying to get back on course. Such signs include:

  • Failing to meet important financial obligations due to gambling
  • Spending too much time gambling at the expense of work or school
  • Borrowing cash or stealing to finance betting needs
  • Being unable to control gambling urges despite the obvious negative effects
  • Becoming social misfits due to gambling

Gambling can lead to grievous negative consequences such as stress, anxiety, depression, suicide, gender-based violence, and divorce if left uncontrolled. Hence, it is important to gamble responsibly to avoid it.

Nevertheless, even though it could be possible to recognize the signs of problem gambling, it is often hard to completely stay away from the activity. Therefore, many people would opt for other unproblematic forms of engaging in it. One common way is watching the online streams and experiencing the buzz by watching other people playing. They are usually broadcast in a fun and exciting way that would excite any gambling enthusiast.

The podcasts can also be quite engaging, especially when the hosts use humour to communicate with the viewers. They offer an alternative kind of fun that can allow gamers to enjoy gambling without doing it actively. Another popular way, though unrelated, that offers an alternative kind of fun is playing free slots and casino games.

These games are available in selected online casinos and gambling sites. They allow you to simply sign up, proceed to the game, select demo play, and play without using a single penny. Others can even go the extra mile and offer free games without registration, download, or deposit. Since they are free, they do not threaten the well-being of the gamers.

Emerging Issues

Gambling podcasts and online streams have existed for a couple of years, and they have issues that have emerged as a result of their consumption. They are perceived to be quite important since they have a huge impact on the viewers and listeners. These things, just like other broadcasted materials, should be regulated to protect the consumers. However, this is usually a big challenge. What are some of the main issues?

Advertising Aspect

The online streams by pro players and gambling podcasts have a large following, which could be hundreds of thousands of people. Hence, it is no surprise that online casino sites tap into this potential by using them as advertising avenues. Most of the online streams that have a huge following are affiliated with various casinos. 

This allows the pro players to have fun while earning money on the side. This practice is not only popular in the gambling sector but also in other fields. For instance, a popular cooking show could advertise various spices. People with a large following could be referred to as influencers in social media since businesses use them to promote their products in creative ways. So what is the issue with this?

The use of these platforms for advertising is never for free. The online streamers usually get compensation, which could be in the form of actual cash, free account balance, refresh balance, gambling on credit, and many other forms. The contractual terms between the parties involved vary greatly, making it impossible to predict them.

The main concern is that such forms of compensation could allow the creators to play without the normal fear of losing cash. A normal gambler usually has this fear, and it regulates their style of play. 

Thus, the viewers could perhaps be manipulated into playing these games the same way, yet they stand a great risk of losing their hard-earned money. Some of the slot players can set the Autoplay option at a high bet, spin until their cash runs out, and top up to continue with the game. Eventually, they might win and get their money back or lose the cash. However, the kind of motivation it could give normal players would lead to problems.

Advertising using online streams and podcasts could lead to questions about advertising standards. Ideally, the streamers should reveal their affiliations to the online casinos they play in and other critical info to avoid this problem. As stated earlier, these kinds of content could be used as alternatives to actual gambling activities for addicts. However, could they become the source of the problem?

Age Limits

All forms of digital content have serious challenges in age-gating. Platforms like Twitch and YouTube usually have content meant for all viewers and others meant for adults only. However, how do you ensure that the viewers are above the legal age? The age verification process usually ends with just one click, so it is impossible to tell whether the individual is legal or not.

Also, people can access the content using their parents’ or siblings’ accounts or devices. As a result, the online streams and podcasts could expose young and underage people to gambling content. This could encourage them to engage in these activities leading to legal concerns. Some online streamers have ended their streams due to these concerns. For instance, Felix “xQc” Lengyel aborted his slots streaming and apologized for exposing his viewers to such content. 

Who is the responsible person?

The most contentious issue about the live streams and gambling podcasts is who is responsible for the content? It usually involves parties such as the content creators, the audience, and the platform such as Twitch and YouTube. However, each of them could belong to a different jurisdiction, so it is hard to specifically determine the law that applies. 

Platforms such as Twitch and YouTube prohibit the creation of illegal content, which bans or suspensions of the creators could punish. However, is this enforceable? This is a major issue that faces the creation and regulation of such material.

Gambling podcasts and online streams by pro players are amazing developments in the gambling industry that have enhanced fun and entertainment. The podcasts are more informative since experts host them, while the online streams certainly dominate the entertainment aspect. Nevertheless, they have major concerns that should be addressed to prevent problem gambling. This article certainly covers all you need to know about gambling podcasts and online streams. 

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