5 of the Top Sports Themed Slot Games You Can Play Right Now

Sports themed slots have always been received well by the players, but that doesn’t mean that every one of those titles is good though. Over the years, football has been the dominant theme due to the beautiful game’s worldwide popularity, but slots have also been developed around the themes of horse racing, car racing, tennis, boxing and other popular sports as well. Today, we have curated a short list of licensed sports slots for you, which are arguably the best you can play right now.

Centre Court by Microgaming

Centre Court is one of the best tennis themed slots to ever be released in an online casino. Developed by Microgaming back in 2009, the all-time classic slot sports a very unique cell shaded clean graphic style. Those looking to win big should be happy to know that Centre Court provides the opportunity to potentially win 800 times their total bet! Check out the details below:

  • 5 x 3 reel with 9 paylines
  • Minimum to maximum of 1 – 10 bets per line
  • Medium volatility/variance
  • Minimum to maximum amount per bet: £0.01 – £1
  • 51% RTP
  • Maximum potential win multiplier: 800x the total stake

Rocky by Playtech

It is very unlikely that anyone reading this list has not yet seen or at least heard about the movie Rocky, so we won’t bother going into the theme’s details too much. As you can guess, Rocky is a fully licensed, official slot game, themed after the cult classic movie by Sly Stallone.

You will see actual pictures of iconic characters introduced throughout the Franchise and not just the first movie. From Ivan Drago and Clubber Lang, to Adrian, Apollo Creed, and Rocky Balboa himself; they all play crucial symbolic roles in deciding whether you will win this round or not! Check the slot’s specifics below:

  • 5 x 3 reel with 25 paylines
  • Minimum to maximum of 1 – 10 bets per line
  • Medium volatility/variance
  • Minimum to maximum amount per bet: £0.01 – £5
  • 02% RTP
  • Maximum potential win: 10,000 coins (1 coin = per bet value x active paylines)

All Win FC by All41Studios (Microgaming Content)

The first football slot game on this list comes in from All41Studios and Microgaming. All Win FC is a fairly recent release which came out in 2020 and is one of the most played sports themed online casino games right now. Of course, there are better looking football slots out there, but as far as the slot mechanics is concerned, All Win FC has a lot going for it.

As for the football themed slot’s specifics, we have them listed below:

  • 5 x 3 reel with 10 paylines
  • High volatility/variance
  • Minimum to maximum amount per bet: £0.10 – £100
  • 12% RTP
  • Maximum potential win multiplier: 500x the total stake

The fact that players can place £100 per bet to use the highly volatile game’s max multiplier of 500x, creates the probability of huge wins. Just be sure to play the slot game in online casinos which are licensed and regulated to operate in the UK. It is impossible to keep track of every legal or illegal online casino that pops up these days, but you can use sites like OnlineCasinos to help you narrow your search. OnlineCasinos exclusively lists legal, well-reputed and properly regulated online casinos. It is advisable to check with their list first, before trying any of the slots we are discussing here. Playing in a shady casino could not only compromise your chances of winning anything, but it may also endanger your online security. It would be a shame to win a big jackpot on All Win FC, only to never really see the money in your bank account.

Super Sumo by Fantasma Games

If you are not that familiar with Sumo wrestling, or even interested about it, Super Sumo might just change your mind about the unique Japanese sport! More importantly, it has very little to do with actual sumo wrestlers, and everything to do with being just a fun slot game.

In particular, we really liked how well done the animation and graphics are in this game, even though it is a cartoony theme. Aside from the regular sumo wrestlers, there is also a majestic Golden Sumo (wild) and a Super Sumo Symbol to look for if you wish to win the highest possible amount in this slot.

Check all the important bits about Super Sumo below:

  • 5 x 3 reel with 25 paylines
  • Medium volatility/variance
  • Minimum to maximum amount per bet: £0.25 – £25
  • Maximum number of coins: 25
  • 18% RTP
  • Maximum potential win multiplier: 500x the total stake

Alaskan Fishing by Microgaming

There is a reason why the Alaskan Fishing Slot by Microgaming is still going strong even 12 years after its initial release. It has a lot to do with the fact that numerous players have won varying amounts while playing Alaskan Fishing over the many years.

Other than that, the old slot is also one of the few well-made fishing slots available till date. Let’s quickly go through the basics of the slot mechanics in this classic next:

  • 5 x 3 reel with 243 ways to win
  • Low volatility/variance
  • Minimum to maximum amount per bet: £0.30 – £15
  • Maximum number of coins: 25
  • 63%RTP
  • Maximum potential win multiplier: 500x the total stake

One may argue that it does not offer the highest possible jackpots we have seen in a fishing themed slot, but that is precisely why the low variance works so well. Chances are that even if you don’t win big, you may win a decent amount over time by playing Alaskan Fishing.

None of the slots on this list will disappoint you as long as sports, bets and big wins are on your mind, but use the online casino bonuses to try them all out anyway. As already mentioned, make sure to check the authenticity of the online casinos you are playing at before signing up. Chances are that you will end up liking more than just one, which will help keep those long spinning sessions varied, fresh and interesting.

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