What NASCAR Fans Are Saying About Noose Probe

As a hardcore NASCAR, you probably stay updated on things going on around the track. If so, you know about the recent noose probe by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI). In June 2020, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace discovered what he believed to be a noose hanging in his stall. The rope was shaped like a noose utilized to punish black slaves during the slavery era.

Wallace reported the incident to NASCAR, which related the information to the FBI. After a thorough investigation, FBI agents concluded their investigation. It was determined that the noose discovered in Wallace’s stall was not a noose. The investigation also revealed that the noose-like rope had been installed before October 2020.

Push To Remove Confederate Flag

NASCAR has a long history with the confederate flag, which was utilized at nearly every public event. Black Lives Matter, a movement created to fight against racism, pushed extremely hard for the confederate flag to be removed from NASCAR events. NASCAR pushed back for several years, ignoring BLM’s demand.

The push became too much for the American racing organization, on June 10, 2020, the confederate flag was finally banned. No longer would fans witness the confederate flags flying high above NASCAR race tracks. Instead of watching NASCAR on the weekend, you can play games online at Kasyno Internetowe.

Some drivers, including Tony Stewart, has also taken steps to ban the confederate flag. Some fans are very unhappy about the decision to remove the confederate flag from NASCAR races. There are more than a few who have turned their backs on the racing organization, saying they will never watch another NASCAR race in person or on television.

It is believed that the noose-like rope was utilized as a “pull-down.” This allowed drivers and their crew members to pull down their stall garage doors.

Fan Retaliation

As mentioned above, some NASCAR fans did not agree with the decision to ban confederate flags. In retaliation, a group of fans banned together to purchase a personalized sky banner. Earlier this month, a sky banner bearing the phrase “Defund NASCAR,” flew above the Talladega track during a live event.

The banner could be seen for miles away. This is just one example of how some fans are handling the confederate flag ban.

Boycott NASCAR

Many white people have strong ties with the confederate flag and race cars. These individuals were not taking NASCAR’s decision to ban the confederate flag very lightly. A boycott has been called in retaliation to the decision. While the stands are already bare-boned due to the coronavirus pandemic, they may continue to be bare after all is said and down. If this is the case, NASCAR could end up losing a lot of money by the end of the season.

If fans follow through with their promises of boycotting live and aired races, NASCAR will need to make some changes in their policies quickly. It is not expected that these changes will have anything to do with the confederate flag.

Bubba Wallace Defending NASCAR Fans

Following the noose-like rope discovery, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace has publicized his support for fans. During a live appearance on the Desus & Mero show, Wallace defended NASCAR fans. He told the show’s hosts that he had visited fan areas multiple times and never felt unwanted.

He said it just was not true that all NASCAR are racists. He went on to say that fans should feel comfortable when watching NASCAR races live. Wallace advocated for the confederate flag to be removed from all NASCAR properties.

Confederate flag advocates do not believe the ban has anything to do with racism. They believe it is more about changing history. In defiance to the nationwide decision, American citizens are flying confederate flags over their homes and vehicles.

Eliminate Access To Confederate Flag

Whether it is a secret society, American politicians, or the one percent, some average people the confederate flag and monument ban has gone way too far. Some believe the goal is to remove the flag from existence. To eliminate access, companies like Amazon and Walmart have removed the confederate flags from their stores.


It is not clear whether fans will continue to support NASCAR after the confederate flag ban. What is clear, fans are not giving up easily.

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