Blaine Perkins wins Sunrise Ford Twin 30 Race #2

Blaine Perkins won the second Sunrise Ford Twin 30 race at Utah Motorsports Campus on Saturday.

The 30 lap race totaled 2.2 miles each around the 15 corner track. Each team was given four sets of tires for the two races with one set for each race.

Blaine Perkins sat on the pole for both races being joined by race No. 1 winner Jesse Love.

Perkins would lead every lap of the 30 lap race enroute to claiming the win in race No. 2.

Sunrise Ford Twin 30 Race #2 Results

  1. Blaine Perkins
  2. Jesse Love
  3. Kris Wright
  4. Gio Scelzi
  5. Trevor Huddleston
  6. Todd Souza
  7. Gracie Trotter
  8. Will Rodgers
  9. Brian Kaminsky
  10. Holley Hollan
  11. Taylor Gray
  12. Lawless Alan
  13. Bobby Hillis Jr.
  14. Takuma Koga
John Bman
John Bman
Founder and Owner of Tireball Sports.

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