Who could be the dark horses of the NFL this season?

After the long wait over summer, the 2019/20 NFL season has finally kicked off. This will be a huge relief to sports fans who had been eagerly waiting for the action to start once more. Already, there has been plenty of drama and big hits to marvel at, with some really exciting games to boot. Of course, if you enjoy betting NFL online in NJ or other states where this is legal, then the new season is a welcome chance to make some money too.

Whether you get involved for fun or to bet on the results of games online, it is always worth keeping an eye on who the dark horse teams may be in any given NFL campaign. Very often, each season will throw up a few teams across the divisions who do much better than expected. But who looks set to take on this mantle now the action has started again?

Jacksonville Jaguars

Although their first game against the Kansas City Chiefs did not go well, it is too early to write off the Jacksonville Jaguars as serious dark horse contenders. Many still expect them to put a poor 2018 behind them and really show what they can do this time around. When you look at the players they have, it is easy to see why. Star turns such as Josh Allen, Calais Campbell, Jalen Ramsey and AJ Bouye can surely help the team get results in 2019/20. Of course, there is also the big-name capture of Nick Foles to help them do better this season. Much will rest on the offensive strategy that the team employ and if it gets the best from a talented squad.

Carolina Panthers

Another team that have not started great early doors but many think will be a real dark horse are the Carolina Panthers. Ron Rivera’s side are poised to make this season theirs, and with the talent at their disposal, it is hard to argue against it. With Cam Newton hopefully able to stay fit this year and Christian McCaffrey hoping to play a major role again, they certainly have the firepower needed. This attacking prowess is also helped by DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel contributing some serious speed to any attacking plays. Brian Burns also looks to be a key addition who could help them thrive this year. If Burns and his defensive colleagues can keep it tight at the back, it will set the foundations for the Panthers to rack up points offensively.

Oakland Raiders

Many NFL experts think that the plans that Jon Gruden has for this side are so crazy that they might just work! Indeed, this is exactly what happened in their opening game, with a 24-16 win over the Denver Broncos. The poor 2018 that the Oakland Raiders saw actually masks the fact that they are a decent team. This is the perfect cover for a dark horse run to the playoffs this season. Derek Carr and Tyrell Williams are expected to really open up the Raiders’ offensive play and get points on the board for them. With other smart additions to the roster in key areas over the summer, Gruden may just take the Raiders to a playoff spot this year. One slight dark cloud was the arrival and then departure of Antonio Brown, who could have been a huge player for them.

Detroit Lions

Although there can be a lot of hype around the Detroit Lions, previous average seasons have seen them become less tipped by many to do well. This time though, they could be a team to watch who surprise us all. The key thing here is that Matthew Stafford has an improved season, but the signs are there that he may. An opening game draw with the Arizona Cardinals was not overly impressive, but the squad is much better this season. TJ Hockenson at tight end looks a smart move, and Danny Amendola will help Stafford in offensive moves. The front seven that the Lions now have in place looks one of the best in the whole NFL and will really make them tough to play against. With a quality-over-quantity recruitment policy in the summer, they could have a brilliant year.

What will happen as the season unfolds?

Of course, at this early point in the season, it is all still conjecture as to which teams will surprise us to do well. The above, however, are the ones who seem to have upgraded their squad best over the offseason and made gains in the talent that they can choose from. If they play to their potential, then any of them could make a playoff or Super Bowl run.

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