Suspension part led to crash that claimed life of Jason Leffler

credit: Jason Leffler’s Instagram

The front suspension failed on Jason Leffler’s 410 sprint car during the fifth lap of a head race at Bridgeport Speedway according to police.

Leffler’s steering locked up and he lost control of his car according to the report from the New Jersey State Police. He was killed as a result of blunt force to his neck.

The NJSP report says that:

Evidence discovered on the track in turn 4 indicated a tortion stop located on the left side of the vehicle came off and allowed the tortion bar and arm to slide out of its housing.  As the tortion bar slid out, the tortion arm became lodged between the inboard flange of the right front wheel and the right steering arm.  As a result of this mechanical failure, Leffler’s front suspension failed and his steering became locked.  Leffler lost directional control of his vehicle as he exited turn 4.  His vehicle rotated clockwise approximately 180 degrees and struck the outside concrete hub rail with the left side of the vehicle.  Leffler’s vehicle sustained a lateral impact with the wall then overturned and continued in a south east direction before coming to final uncontrolled rest upright facing north.  Leffler remained in his vehicle and sustained fatal blunt force injuries as a result of the crash.  Post Mortem examination confirmed that Jason Leffler died as a result of blunt force neck injuries.”

Numerous teams honored Leffler last weekend with special decals and Denny Hamlin drive a throwback paint scheme for Leffler’s time driving the No. 11 FedEx car for Joe Gibbs Racing.

John Bman
John Bman
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