Edwards proving consistency always matters

If you truly think the point system is broken, I ask why even give points to drivers at all. If you want the point standings to be determined by the guy who wins the most races simply do that. Start everyone at 0 and run 36 races. The guy with the most wins. Because that is the only way to successfully argue that Tony Stewart should be ahead of Carl Edwards in the point standings.

Much has been written about Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart as the two have just two events left to determine who will be the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion. They are opposites in almost every way. While Edwards is cool and collected, Stewart is hot and vocal.

Stewart is in the hunt for this third Sprint Cup thanks to four victories in the last eight races. Edwards has a chance thanks to his consistency.

The separation between the two in the standings is three points. It’s been wondered how a driver could win four races and still not win the Sprint Cup. Well I will tell you.

Carl Edwards has been consistent. Consistently good. His only finish outside the top-10 since the start of the Chase was an 11th place run at Talladega. Stewart has two runs outside the top-10, a 15th and a 25th.

Stewart has four victories you again say. True but Edwards has been good in runs also. His best runs are second, third, third and fourth. It is awfully hard to seperate yourself from the competition when they finish right behind you as was Stewart’s case this past weekend at Texas.

If Tony Stewart does not win the Sprint Cup it may in fact be because of those two runs at Dover and Kansas. But does that discount anything Carl Edwards has done this season?

The more bonus points that NASCAR provides for winning races, the more important it will become to avoid a colossal disaster during the final ten events. Winning gets you the most points but it should never give anyone a free pass for awful runs.

John Bman
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