The reason Paul Heyman is no longer with Cesaro

Fans who watched WWE Monday Night RAW noticed that Paul Heyman did not accompany Cesaro to the ring.

Jerry Lawler and JBL made note that Heyman was not with Cesaro and briefly bickered whether he had been fired or quit. Cesaro ended up jobbing to Big E and then went on one of his post match meltdowns before Kofi Kingston made the save.

So where was Heyman? In the back.

Later in the show Heyman was seen with HHH and Stephanie McMahon offering a “Plan C” for Battleground to return the belt to the authority.

That Plan C is none other than the return of Brock Lesnar who is expected to return around SummerSlam. Heyman would be paired with him again.

It is not clear if Heyman and Cesaro will have any interaction regarding their split or if they will patch things up.

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