Former wrestler gets 26 year jail sentence for molesting daughter

Former wrestler Buck Zumhofe has been sentenced to 26 years in jail after being convicted of molesting his daughter over a 12-year period.

If you do not remember Zumhofe’s wrestling career remember this – He is going to jail for 26 years for sexually abusing his daughter.

Zumhofe, 63, was jailed in 1986 for sexual misconduct with a minor and again in 1989 he was hit with a fourth degree sexual conduct with a minor conviction which he spent 36 years in jail for.

Still Zumhofe managed to make it to the WWE being the jobber that Triple-H squashed in his debut.

Zumhofe also had a great match in which Yokozuna sat on him.

“Mr. Zumhofe shows no remorse for his actions, even if he finally admitted (in the presentence investigation) that they happened,” [Assistant County Attorney Aaron] Welch said. “This is an extreme sentence, but Mr. Zumhofe’s actions can be described as nothing less than extreme.”

[Zumhofe’s attorney Carter] Greiner argued that his client wants to submit to treatment and get help, suggesting stayed prison time and probation.

“Mr. Zumhofe is very, very ashamed,” Greiner said. “It’s not easy to come clean.”

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