WWE Monday Night RAW Preview for May 5, 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW will be Live tonight from Albany, NY and the Times Union Center.

This is the fallout show from last night’s Extreme Rules PPV. There has been a mixed reaction from Extreme Rules with fans either enjoying it or hating it. (I will not lie, I thought it sucked as all of the matches were overly predictable)

Tonight on RAW we figure to see the feud continue between Kane and Daniel Bryan. Last night Bryan defended his title against Kane but after the match the big red monster stood up and stared at Bryan. In a post ppv press conference Bryant said he was not sure he was ready to be done with Kane either so its very likely that we will see this one continue, good or bad.

The Shield beat Evolution, to the surprise of no one. Batista is set to go on break which leaves his status for RAW in question. It appears that the plan for WWE is to have Roman Reigns run the gauntlet of Evolution and gain wins over Orton and HHH in the coming PPVs. Expect there to be a bunch of banter between the two sides but this one is on its way to cooling down rather than heating up.

Bray Wyatt defeated John Cena in a steel cage match thanks to an assist from little Johnny. This one was just odd and did not have the crowd into it like they had been in the past. Again we have not seen the last of this one.

Bad News Barrett defeated Big E for the IC strap. Where does that one go going forward? Cesaro defeated RVD and Jack Swagger but his future also is unclear. We will probably see or hear something about the tag titles and do not forget that Cody Rhodes and Goldust have not had their falling out yet and who can forget Rusev after his squash win over Xavier Woods and R-Truth?

Pagie retained the Diva’s belt in one of the better matches on the card but there is no clear contender for her either.

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