TNA Impact Results for April 17, 2014 *Spoilers*


TNA Impact Wrestling comes to you taped on April 17, 2014. The show will offer all the typical TNA wrestling excitement.

Eric Young is out to celebrate his title win last week. He is cut off by Dixie Carter who wants him to team up with her. He says she doesn’t have any power and Dixie refuses to listen saying ODB could be fired.

Bully Ray comes out. He says Eric Young is a role model for every wrestler that has ever been held down. Dixie interrupts Ray and says that Bully double-crossed her. Bully gets the crowd going with the good bye song as Dixie leaves.

The Wolves defeated The BroMans via DQ when DJ Z hit Eddie with a laptop.

Bobby Roode cut a promo saying he is the new master of the tables and to prove his point he issued an open challenge for anyone in the back for a tables match. Gunner answers the challenge. Bobby Roode defeated Gunner in a tables match. Gunner had Roode beat and was ready to slam Roode through a table when James Storm interfered allowing Roode to win. Storm and Roode attacked Gunner together. Bully Ray came out to save Gunner.

MVP comes out and talks about Samoa Joe not responding to him. He is cut off by Austin Aries. They have a match scheduled for next week.

Eric Young defeated Abyss in a monsters ball match. Abyss choke-slammed Young into some thumbtacks then Abyss signaled that he was going slam Young onto a board wrapped in barbed wire. Young countered and dropkicked Abyss onto the barbed wire and then hit an elbow drop from the top rope for the pin.

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