TNA Impact Wrestling Results for April 10, 2014


Welcome to Tireball Sports’ coverage of TNA Impact Wrestling for April 10, 2014.

This is a rare show as it actually was live in Tampa, FL.

Dixie Carter is shown walking to the arena and she says she has a lot to say.

e shown walking in the arena and says she has a lot to say, just not now.

MVP announced that Samoa Joe informed TNA that he would not be available for the ten man Gauntlet Match. First in the ring is James Storm, he is joined by Gunner. Every two minutes another competitor will enter. You are eliminated once you are thrown over the top rope and your feet hit the floor.

Here comes Bobby Rude and then  Bully Ray followed by Ethan Carter and then Bobby Lashley. Abyss then enters followed by Sanada. Eric Young and Willow are the last two men in.

Rockstar Spud is out in a wheelchair. As Willow is about to suplex EC3 out, spud pulls Willow tot he floor eliminating him. Sanana is then eliminated by Abyss and Lashley gets eliminated by a kick from Storm and then Roode. Bully Ray eliminates Roode and then Roode and EC3 eliminate Bully Ray.  Gunner is eliminated by Storm and EC3 is taken out by Eric Young. Storm gets eliminated and then Eric Young clotheslines Abyss to win the match.

Eric Young asks for the match tonight.

Dixie Carter tells Rock Star Spud that he abandoned her.

Angelina Love defeats Gail Kim, Brittany and ODB to become the No. 1 contender for the knockouts title when Velvet Sky sprays perfume in Kim’s eyes.

Dixie tells MVP that she will chew out the wrestler responsible for this. She goes to the ring and calls out Bully Ray after some back and forth, Bobby Roode attacks Bully Ray.

The Wolves defeat Dj Z and Jesse Goodard via DQ but do not get the belts. (Robbie had plane issues but was able to arrive to get his team DQ)

Samuel Shaw scene with Christy. She tells him to close his eyes and to feel her. Mr. Anderson arrives and attacks him throwing him into the back of a van. But Shaw escapes.

Eric Young defeats Magnus to win the TNA World Title!

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