TNA Impact LIVE updates and Results for March 13, 2014


TNA Impact Wrestling is LIVE tonight March 13, 2014 in Orlando, FL.

Tireball Sports will again have full coverage of tonight’s episode of TNA Imapct Wrestling. Those wanting to watch on television can do so on SPIKE beginning at 9:00 pm ET

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TNA Impact Wrestling Live Updates

MVP is out first. He talks about his team winning at the Lockdown PPV and says his he will again follow the MVP principals “Motivate, Validate and Participate”

It does not take long before Magnus comes out. Magnus calls MVP’s principals ridiculous, he then talks about Dixie Carter failing to run wrestling operations. Magnus says he has been taking the ball and running with it. He says he is more powerful than every and then introduces his “insurance policy”… and out comes Abyss.

Fans start a you sold out chant directed at Abyss. Magnus talks about having money and paying Abyss. He talks about money being power. Fans then start a “paper champion” chant. MVP calls out Samoa Joe to talk about the events of last night. MVP says he has to do what is right and wants to settle it here in this ring.

Out comes Samoa Joe. He is selling last nights injuries well.

MVP announces that Magnus will defend the title against Samoa Joe next week. He then says Samoa Joe can fight Abyss right now…

Samoa Joe vs. Abyss

Joe spears Abyss and this match starts as we are going to commercial!

We come back and Abyss is in control of this match. He connects with a knee to the midsection of Joe.  Abyss now working him over the second rope. Some back and forths before Abyss goes to get Janice…. and out comes Eric Young. He connects with a missile drop kick before Abyss gets up… another drop kick by Young. this match is over as the referee called for the bell and Abyss leaves.


JB is talking about Lockdown… and Angelina Love walks up and says “you miss me?” she then walks away as we go to commercial again.

It returns and JB is talking about the wait for Bully Ray…

This time he is interrupted by Willow.

Brittany vs. Gail Kim w/ Lei D Tapa

Brittany is a hometown girl from Orlando, FL.  Shes a new knockout and well, shes not lacking in the looks department.

Gail Kim is out next with Lei D Tapa.

Gail is not in a good mood and she runs at kicks Brittany in the head. Some fight back by Brittany but Gail quickly gets her down onto the mat and begins to beat on her. She picks her up and drops her before stepping on her throat area. Brittany keeps trying to fight back but Gail is laying into her.  Gail goes to drop Brittany again but she is countered with a Russian leg sweep.

Brittany charges at Gail and in comes Lei D Tapa… Lei D Tapa goes to splash Brittany and misses, she hits Gail Kim. Brittany scores the pin.

after he match Gail and Lei D Tapa come to blows. Lei D Tapa catches Gail and begins to punch her face. Lei D Tapa beats on the referee and is back to beating on Gail Kim. Another ref comes out and Gail is able to leave….


Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter lead an ambush on Bully Ray. They choke him with chains and Bobby Roode curses at him.

BroMan vs. Sanada and Tigre Uno

The BroMans are getting it taken to them in the early part of this match…. it does not last long before Sanana hits a moonsault and scores the win.


Bully Ray shown catching his breath. He picks up the chain and starts walking.

Madison and Velvet Skyy are shoiwn backstage talking about themselves being hot. Madison then mentions that Angelina is back….. Velvet tries to act surprised.

Bully Ray shows up in the locker room and attacks the BroMans with chains and chairs. This is all the typical camera everywhere and random screaming that is TNA backstage!

Sam Shaw talking backstage He then runs at the camera.

Spud and EC3 are preparing a tribute to Dixie. It will be next.

Samoa Joe finds Eric Young. He is mad at him for interfering in his match tonight. EY says he does not care about threats. He says he does not care. Next week Samoa Joe and Magnus will fight while Eric Young and Abyss are chained together.

EC3 and Rockstar Spud paying tribute to Dixie Carter. This has gone on for minutes and finally MVP has had enough. He hits the ring. MVP says you guys are acting like Dixie is gone gone…. MVP says Spud has grown on him. Anyway EC3 gets a match with willow, and Spud has to face Bobby Lashley next week.

Bully Ray takes out EC3 backstage.

Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson in a street fight

Samuel Shaw came out with a mannequin dressed up like Christy Hemme. It had nothing from the waist down. He gave it a kiss. Anderson threaten to beat up the mannequin before tossing it and using the opening to hit the Mic Check for the pin.


Angelina Love said she was back for one person. Willow is shown walking somewhere….

Angelina makes her way to the ring. She called out Velvet Sky. Long story short, Velvet said she needs more time.

Willow vs. Rockstar Spud

Willow grabs the black and white umbrella and nails Spud with it and is DQ’d. Afterwards Willow gives a Twist of Fate to the referee and then brings a ladder in the ring. Spud tries to escape but Willow spikes Spud with a front suplex.

Willow puts Spuds leg in a chair climbs the ladder ans does a splash onto Spud and and his leg that is in the chair.

Bully Ray then comes out and has a stare with Willow for a moment.

Finally Bully Ray gets revenge on Bobby Roode placing him though a table to end the show.

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