WWE Monday Night RAW PREVIEW for March 3, 2014


WWE Monday Night RAW will come to you LIVE from the Allstate Area. The biggest question is with the WWE in his hometown of Chicago, will CM Punk show up?

And if CM Punk does return what will his role for WrestleMania be?

On SmackDown it was hinted that Batista was in the process of turning heel. Will he complete the process on Monday Night RAW? If Batista does turn heel what does that say for his title match against Randy Orton? It’s been speculated for some time that Daniel Bryan could be added to the match to give the fans what they want. Will that happen?

If so could CM Punk assume Bryan’s suspected role with a match against HHH?

What will happen with the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar? Will it simply be Paul Heyman cutting a promo or will we see Undertaker and/or Brock Lesnar face to face again after ‘Taker put Lesnar though a table last week.

The feud between the Wyatt Family and The Shield continues along. They face each other in a six man tag match on RAW which begs the question as to whether or not John Cena will be seen following his “knee injury.”

The Usos and New Age Outlaws have exchanged wins on RAW and the Elimination Chamber PPV. Expect these two to continue their feud.

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