Why is CM Punk not on WWE Monday Night RAW?


CM Punk was not on WWE Monday Night RAW immediately following the Royal Rumble pay-per-view after he reportedly got into an argument with HHH about where his current story-line was headed.

Punk left the arena and did not appear at house shows or on Smack Down after the incident.

Did CM Punk quit the WWE?

Its’s hard to tell what is real or not when it comes to the WWE. CM Punk was on the original art work for WWE Wrestlemania XXX but that has since been altered on the WWE page to just a logo of the show. His WWE profile still is on the site. He is still listed as a WWE Superstar on WWE.com which is notable because WWE removes those no longer on their programming rather quickly.

Conflicting Reports

Steve Austin says he thinks its real but others are not so sure. Those who believe that CM Punk is serious think that the star needs to just “get over it.”

There have also been internet reports that Vince McMahon is trying to convince CM Punk to return prior to Wrestlemania XXX, but that CM Punk believes fighting HHH at the show is not a big moment and does nothing for him.

CM Punk is said to be mad that he is not John Cena and will never have the push or appeal of Cena. He even asked to turn heal again, realizing he would have a better chance at headlining due to the poor number of quality heels in the WWE right now.

If Punk were to return it would be relatively easy for WWE to write him back into a story line, whether or not he fights HHH remains to be seen. They could simply have him come back and declare he was out to stop the authority.

When could he return?

Anytime really.

As a point of reference, last year the Undertaker did not return to WWE until March 4. Wrestlemania was on April 7 last year. It is on April 6 this year.

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