WWE Monday Night RAW Preview for January 27, 2014


WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results and Updates from Tireball Sports

WWE Monday Night RAW will be LIVE from the Quicken Loans Area in Cleveland, OH on January 27, 2014.

Sunday night featured the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view and the best way to describe it is “predictable” and “hijacked.”

On the kickoff show we saw  Cody Rhodes and Goldust lose the tag team titles and later in the Royal Rumble Goldust eliminated Cody. This tag team is likely to fall apart in the coming days. As for the New Age Outlawks, expect the Usos to make a challenge for the tag titles with their recent push.

At the PPV Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan in easily the best match of the day. That storyline should be over after Wyatt later intervened in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match by distracting and attacking John Cena. A Wrestlemania match between Cena and Wyatt had been rumored for months, and now appears likely.

Brock Lesnar beat up Big Show with a chair prior to their match. The match was ultimately a dud and this story line figures to end. It is unclear if Lesnar will be on RAW tonight and the same can be said for Big Show.

Batista won the Royal Rumble which came across as predictable and upsetting to fans in attendance. The Rumble itself was hijacked with chants for Daniel Bryan who was not even in the match. The last entrant, Rey Mysterio, was booed out of the match by the fans. At that point the fans realized Batista would win and started cheering for Roman Reigns.

As for Reigns it appears their are more cracks in The Shield. Reigns set a record with Rumble eliminations at the PPV giving him that victory in a sense. Could we see him break away from Ambrose and Rollins tonight?

Other things that happened at the PPV that could be addressed on RAW…. Kane and CM Punk continued their “feud” with Kane being eliminated by CM Punk only to return later and toss CM Punk over the top to eliminate him. These two seem headed for a PPV match maybe as soon as Elimination Chamber.

So what do you think about the PPV and what could happen on tonight’s edition of RAW?

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