WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE UPDATES & Results for Slammy Awards


WWE Monday Night RAW is tonight December 9, 2013 from Key Arena in Seattle, WA.

Taking center stage on tonight’s show will be the Slammy Awards. Of course it’s worth mentioning that this is also the last RAW before Sundays Table, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view.

What will happen on the final Monday before the two World Titles are unified under a single Superstar?

WWE Monday Nigh RAW Results for December 9, 2013

11:17 pm ET – Cena and Orton shake and the Belts rise. Orton punches Cena and the fight is on. They are seperated and find one another. Orton shoves CM Punk who attacks one another. HHH lays out CM Punk  and the two are going at each other. HBK hits CM Punk with Sweet chin music and is hit by Daniel Bryan. Orton knocks down Stephanie, HHH pedigrees Orton.

Cena helps Stephanie up. Cena, Kane, HHH and Stephanie stare at Orton. Crowd cheering Daniel Bryan who isnt even around the ring anymore. HHH hugs Stephanie.

11:10 pm ET – Randy Orton talks and Cena simply shows him Daniel Bryan as the definition of work. He then conducts an interview.

11:00 pm ET – A Daniel Bryan chant has taken over the ceremony. Mark Henry raises Bryan’s hand. Crowd erupts in Yes chants.

HHH remarks that its a lot of family members for one building and then talks about the looks of the crowd. The chants stop and now he talks about the TLC match

10:54 pm ET – HHH & Stephanie making their way to the ring… Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels standing next to each other… a total of 20 former champions in the ring. Ok seriously even Mark Henry is out there… guess we counting ECW

haha least we didnt have to see Los Matadores!

10:46 pm  ET – Natalya vs. Tamina

AJ knocked off the apron. Natalya wins with a sharphooter

10:41 pm ET – Bret Hart out for match of the year nominees.

After the nominees Natayla comes out and gives Bret a hug. Winner; John Cena vs. The Rock at WM 29. Finally Cena appears on the show.

10:39 pm ET – Rowand & Harper defeat The Usos

10:29 pm ET – The Usos vs. Harper & Rowand

10:19 pm ET – Extreme moment of the year. Lawler makes a joke about almost dying on live tv….

Mick Foley out to announce the nominees…. winner was CM Punk for hitting Paul Heyman…

10:14 pm ET – Ambrose has fared better than expected. But Ambrose gets into it with his other Shield members who leave. Punk hits the GTS to win. WINNER: CM Punk

The Shield attacks and CM Punk takes the dive for the spear of Reigns well before it connects.

9:52 pm ET – CM Punk vs. Dean Ambrose

9:47 pm ET – The Miz out to announce insult of the year.

Winner is Stephanie degrading Big Show on RAW.

9:41 pm ET – Tons of Funk with the Funkadyctals… Brodus Clay vs. Xavier Woods


Winner: Brodus Clay in a squash… he then attacks Xavier Woods some more. The Funkadyctals are confused. Brodus and Tensai argue a bit before Brodus leaves. He says its about him and that he is a main event player.

9:32 pm ET – Prime Time Players out to announce Fan Participation award.

Winner is Daniel Bryan. He says he doesn’t know what to say so he just says Yes!

9:13 pm ET –  Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio

This match again. Sin Cara won last week.

Winner: Sin Cara

9:07 pm ET – Shawn Michaels out to present Superstar of the Year.

and the award goes to Daniel Bryan. Michaels looks uncomfortable and the crowd starts Yes chant as DB comes out. DB stares at HBK and the two hold onto the award. HBK leaves and DB thanks him for the HB Shizzle award and says hes the reason he’s in WWE but he’s also the reason he’s not the WWE champion. He thanks the people and leaves with a Go Seahawks yell

8:48 pm ET –  Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs The Real Americans & Ryback and Curtis Axel.


Winner: Rey Mysterio hits the 619 on Axel for his team

Mysterio notices a Mysterio Seahawks jersey and takes it into the ring with him when he comes out

8:46 pm ET – Eve Torres 0ut to announce Diva of the year. No surprise as it goes to the Bella Twins

8:35 pm ET – Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

Finally Kofi showing some life. The Miz goes to leave after being knocked out of the ring and Kofi brings him back but The Miz pulls on Kofi’s tights to get the win.


Kofi hits a Trouble in Paradise after the match

8:32 pm ET – The Shield out to announce Double Cross of the Year. All three members are dressed in all black suits. Ambrose says he knows he looks great. The Shield says they did no double crossing in 2013 and says they will never be in this category.

and the award goes to Shawn Michaels. He says he never won this award and its a surprise because he has double crossed a bunch of people.

8:29 pm ET – Damien Sandow vs. Santino Marella. Big E Langston is ringside to talk.

Santonio goes for the Cobra but Sandow hits the Your Welcome for the win. WINNER: Damien Sandow after the match Big E got in the ring and held up the belt.

8:17 pm ET – Booker T & Jerry Lawler introduced as hosts for the Slammy Awards. New Age Outlaws introduced for the LOL moment of the year. They are wearing outfits which looks like they borrowed from Kaz & Daniels on TNA….

It’s the LOL moment of the year and Billy and Road Dogg are goofing off and gets the crowd to yell suck it.

Winner: Vickie Guerrero & The Rock. Vickie accepts the award and says that it represents her beauty.

8:14 pm ET – Bray Wyatt on the jumbotron telling Daniel Bryan he does not want him to suffer. He says that he will prove to DB that he is a monster just like him. He then asks him to join him and laughs.

8:12 pm ET – Daniel Bryan has done just about everyone of his moves. Fandango goes up top for his legdrop and of course DB moves out of the way. He then hits his headbutt. Crowd with a Yes chant. Kick to the head and a win by Daniel Bryan. Winner: Daniel Bryan

8:00 pm ET –  Up first is a match-up between Daniel Bryan and Fandango. Fandango and Summer Rae both have matching purple outfits.

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