TNA Impact Results No Surrender September 12, 2013 – Live Updates


TNA is live from Chaifetz Arena, St. Louis, Mo. for  a special pay-per-view-caliber episode called No Surrender.

Below are results from tonight’s show.


Live Updates:

Magnus vs. AJ Styles in the Finals of the Bound for Glory Series (This Match Info from


They move around the ring and lock-up. They are even. They move around again. They lock-up. Magnus places AJ in the corner. Magnus backs up. They walk around again. They go to lock-up but AJ goes behind Magnus and locks his arms. He then applies a headlock. Magnus lifts him up but AJ does a roll through as the headlock still is in. Magnus gets up and goes to whip AJ but AJ continues to have the headlock in. Magnus gets up, but AJ takes Magnus down again with the headlock. Magnus stands once again. He goes to take him down and he finally does with a back suplex. He covers but AJ kicks out. Magnus now applies a headlock. AJ stands and punch his way out of it. AJ runs in the ropes but Magnus does a back body drop. He covers but Aj kicks out. Magnus sends AJ in the corner. He runs but AJ does a drop toe hold and Magnus falls face first into the middle turnbuckle. AJ gets Magnus up and places him in the corner. He does several shoulder blocks to the gut. AJ takes him out of the corner but Magnus fights back with punches. AJ falls to his knees. Magnus whips AJ in the ropes but he reverses it. Magnus kicks AJ in the chest. He goes into the ropes but AJ hits him with an elbow and does a snapmare.

He goes for a knee to the face, but Magnus moves. Magnus keeps AJ down and goes for an elbow drop, but AJ moves. They get up but Kazarian and Daniels run in the ring and attack Styles and Magnus. Roode now gets in and he does a spinebuster to Magnus. Daniels takes Styles out. Referees come out and try to get the three out of the ring. It isn’t working as Daniels attacks Daniels and so does Roode. They go after Magnus and now they move to the outside. They slowly walk up the ramp.

Both are on their feet. Magnus punches AJ but AJ punches Magnus. Magnus does an uppercut but AJ does a huge kick to the head. Magnus falls. He gets up using the ropes. AJ stands and runs to him, but Magnus kicks him. He runs to him and both go down. The referee counts. Both get up at 8. They turn and Magnus goes for a punch but AJ blocks and punches him. He elbows him and then does a roundhouse kick. Magnus goes to the corner. AJ runs but Magnus lifts him over and AJ lands on the apron. AJ punches him and then goes for a springboard, but Magnus does an uppercut. Magnus lifts him up and takes him down with the finisher. He has the cover but AJ kicks out. Magnus grabs AJ’s legs, but AJ grabs the head and applies a chokehold with his legs. Magnus has AJ’s shoulders down but AJ lifts it up. Magnus lifts AJ up on his shoulders, but AJ slides out and goes for a cover. Magnus kicks out. Both get up and AJ does the pele kick. He covers but Magnus kicks out. Both get up. Magnus goes to AJ, but AJ ducks and locks in the Calf Killer. Magnus is shaking no as he won’t tap. Magnus tries to reach for the ropes. He is crawling. He finally reaches for the ropes and gets it. Magnus gets in the corner as his leg hurts. AJ stands and runs to him and hits a big splash. AJ goes for a spin kick, but Magnus grabs the leg, lifts AJ up, and hits a spinebuster. He covers but AJ kicks out.

Magnus hops up. He gets AJ and puts him in the corner. Magnus goes to the top for the superplex, but AJ punches Magnus and he falls. Magnus comes back with a forearm shot. AJ fights back with punches. Magnus gets up and punches back. Magnus starts to slip on the ropes, but AJ punches Magnus in the head nonstop. Magnus finally falls and is down. AJ stands on the top and does the Spiral Tap. He covers and gets the win!

The referee lifts AJ’s arm as he stands. The crowd is roaring. He celebrates in the ring. Magnus looks on as he almost had it. Magnus surely thought he was going to win from the start. AJ grabs a mic. He says that he was going to do it and he did do it in St. Louis. He couldn’t have done it without, “You, you, you, you…” as he points to people around the ring. AJ says he received a lot of response from what he said several weeks ago, but he didn’t get anything from one person. He didn’t get a call, text, or tweet… and we know how Dixie likes to tweet. He tells Dixie to tell her office assistant to remind her to be there next week. We thought he said it all, well he has more explosive things to say, so be there Dixie! The show fades.


Tag Team Champions James Storm and Gunner cutting an interview. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez meet them on stage Smack talk. Both teams will be fighting next week on TNA.

Mr. Anderson’s vs. Bully Ray in Last Man Standing Match:  WINNER: Bully Ray won by spearing Mr. Anderson through a table. Afterwards “medics” come in and put him on a stretcher taking him out of the ring. Bully Ray followed them out of the ring towards the stage where he then flipped over the stretcher. He then proceeded to take off Mr. Anderson’s neck brace, and then beat him with his Aces and 8’s jacket.  He finished him off with a pile driver at the very end before we went to commercial.

BFG Series Finals: Magnus vs. Bobby Roode WINNER: BFG Finalist: Magnus

Austin Aries vs. AJ Styles in the Bound for Glory Series Final Four Match WINNER: AJ Styles

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