WWE Monday Night Raw LIVE UPDATES & RESULTS for September 2, 2013


SEPTEMBER 2 – Monday Night Raw will air LIVE from Des Moines, Iowa. With WWE’s next Pay Per View Night of Champions less then two weeks away you can bet that story lines will be advanced for matches that will be featured on the PPV card.

As always Tireball Sports will cover this event with a live blog here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Results for September 2, 2013

11:04 pm – Orton is in… He looks at a laid out Daniel Bryan. He rolls Bryan over and stares at his face. Orton then holds up the WWE title and steps on Bryan as RAW ends. A few fans cheer… some boo and the show is over

11:02 pm – HHH and Stephanie tell Big Show that he did the right thing. Big Show walks up the ramp with HHH and Stephanie. Orton’s music hits. Here comes Randy Orton. He looks at Big Show and then walks to the ring.

11:01 pm – Big Show back in the ring… He clinches the first and looks at HHH. Stephanie stops Big Show. Big Show again is upset. BIG SHOW DECKS DANIEL BRYAN.

10:58 pm – The Shield hits a triple powerbomb on Bryan.  Big Show is upset. HHH tells him to look at him. He tells Big Show to take his fist and ball it up and do what he tells him to do…. He tells him to knock out Daniel Bryan.

Big Show clinches his fist and says no. HHH tells him to look at him. Big Show begs to be left alone. Here comes Stephanie McMahon. Big Show stops and stares at her. Stephanie tells him they are relying on him and gives him another chance.

10:55 pm – Bryan with kicks, Big Show blocks, Bryan hits with a DDT. Hes going to the top. Big Show hits him with a shoulder block. Big Show signals for the chokeslam. Big Show has his first clinched…  He begins to walk out of the ring. HHH’s music hits. HHH comes out from the back with The Shield and tells Big Show to get back in the ring and finish it. Big Show shakes his head no… He approaches HHH and then walks away. The Shield attacks Bryan… Match is over.. Big Show coming back.  The Shield backs up in a corner. HHH tells Big Show to back up.

10:54 pm – Big Show tells Bryan to stop fighting and says don’t make me hurt you. Bryan attacks and Big Show pushes him away.

10:50 pm – Big Show is out looking bummed. shakes a few hands of fans.

10:48 pm – everyone is out to watch the main event. Daniel Bryan is out first.

Cody Rhodes with a promo about the McMahons

10:33 pm – RVD wins with the five star frog splash

10:27 pm – Alberto Del Rio has come ringside

10:23 pm – RVD versus Damien Sandow starts

10:16 pm – Naomi goes for the pin and AJ runs in and attacks… Brie attacks AJ… now its four women rolling around on the mat…  Brie, Natalya and Naomi all pull on AJ and then leave…

10:14 pm – Brie Bella, Natalya and Naomi in a triple threat… winner get a shot at Divas champ AJ Lee.

AJ is ringside giving commentary.

Cody Rhodes picture and profile has been removed from  wwe roster and moved to its alumni page.

10:05 pm – long story short… CM Punk says he will break Paul Heyman’s face at Night of Champions

9:59 pm – CM Punk is out with a kendo stick.

9:52 pm – HHH comes out and fires Cody Rhodes. Fans chat Cody Rhodes’ name

9:50 pm – Randy Orton wins with RKO

9:48 pm – Orton steps out of the way of a moonsaut. Rhodes kicks out

9:47 pm – Rhodes with the disaster kick… 1 2 kickout

9:45 pm – shows a large portion of WWE roster watching on a monitor. Rhodes begins to mount offense with elbows and a drop kick from the top rope. 1 -2- kickout…

9:41 pm – Announcers continue to sell Rhodes chances of winning as small though they never said it had to be a pinfall win..

9:36 pm – Orton is out and the match has gotten underway. Orton takes the advantage.

9:29 pm – Cody Rhodes out for his match against Orton. He must win to keep his job

9:27 pm – Bray Wyatt talking about mythology and compares Kane to Icarus. He says Kane is burning in it.

9:24 pm – HHH tells Paul Heyman that he approved the match between Heyman, Axel and CM Punk. HHH says maybe CM Punk gives Heyman the beating he deserves and its all about what is “best for business”

9:18 pm – Winner Prime Time Players

9:11 pm – Slater and Mahal out to face Prime Time Players

9:09 pm – Big Show destroys some stuff backstage.


9:05 pm – Stephanie has left. (thank goodness…) Big Show standing in ring. Fans start a half hearted “Itll be ok” chant… fortunately we got to commercial, even if it is the Taco Bell Fiery taco.

9:04 pm – Stephanie tells Big Show he has bad genetics for being a giant and will not live that long. wow this is dumb.

9:02 pm – Big Show is out and Stephanie says she knows Big Show is broke… (this is taking a dumb turn….) She says if he doesnt wrestle he is in breach of contract. Big Show pouting… dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

8:59 pm – Stephanie is out to address Big Show

8:54 pm – Brad Maddox tells HHH and Stephanie that Big Show is refusing to fight Bryan

8:54 pm – Winner Ryaback with the Shellshock

8:51 pm – Ryback charges and Ziggler tries to fight… Ryback is just mauling Ziggler.

8:50 pm – Here comes Ryback… He will fight Ziggler

8:49 pm – Dean Ambrose attacks Ziggler from behind. The bell has not run and Ambrose is giving Ziggler the business.

8:45 pm – Dolph Ziggler out for a match… his opponent is unknown until the commercial break is over

8:39 pm – Booker T tries to convince Bryan to give up his title match. Bryan is not interested

8:34 pm – Miz gets Fandango to tapout with the Figure Four

8:32 pm – Fandango has suffered a bloody nose.

8:25 pm – Out comes The Miz for the match. Funny little stint with the Miz dancing with Summer Rae.

8:24 pm – Fandango is out with Summer Rae. So what will last longer? his intro or match?

8:21 pm – Cody Rhodes tells Orton and HHH that fighting Daniel Bryan is what is best for business. HHH says that is his decision and then complains about not getting invited to Cody’s wedding. He says he got him a wedding present… Cody Rhodes will fight Randy Orton. Rhodes thanks HHH and HHH says if Rhodes loses he is fired.

8:14 pm – Bryan says he knows he can beat Orton. He says Orton has the genetics but not the heart of a champion. HHH interrupts him and calls him “a grumpy troll.” HHH tells Bryan he should be upset with Big Show for watching him getting beaten up every week. HHH says Bryan gets to fight the Big Show in the main event.

8:10 pm – HHH compares Bryan to Doink the Clown and says he can bring back the crusierweight title or european title for Bryan. Bryan’s music hits. He says he is thrilled to be compared to Doink.

8:08 pm – After Orton says Bryan does not deserve a title shot HHH tells Orton he is worried about Bryan’s health. He then blames the fans for Bryan’s mental well-being.

8:01 pm – HHH in ring with The Shied outside. He wants to introduce Orton to the fans. Orton’s music hits and out he comes.

8:00 pm – We have RAW on the air!



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