WWE SummerSlam Live Updates and Results for August 19 PPV


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New Champion: Randy Orton… Triple-H clapping. Orton holds the belt up in the air. King, JBL and Cole really trying to sell this as a surprise as the PPV ends.

10:50 pm – Orton hand HHH the brief case HHH hands it to ringside. Bell rings again. 1-2-3… ORTON wins the belt…. LAME AS HELL BUT had been the rumor for months

10:48 pm – FINALLY RANDY ORTON OUT WITH THE BRIEFCASE… Bell just rang… Orton holds up the briefcase and Triple-H is still in the ring… Orton walks away. TRIPLE H NOW TURNS ON BRYAN.. kick and PEDIGREE!!!!


10:43 pm – trading slaps. Bryan with a backflip. Cena sets him up for the FU but drives him into the mat instead… Bryan up to the top rope again and is caught by Cena. Small package attempt by Bryan and then a kick to Cenas face.

10:38 pm – Cena has Bryan in the STFU… Bryant dragging himself to the rope… reversal and Bryan now has Cena in a submission but Cena reaches the ropes

10:34 pm – Cena with the FU but Bryan kicks out! Bryan to the top rope…. he connects with a flying headbutt but a kickout

10:31 pm – Bryan has Cena in the STFU…

10:28 pm – Bryan to the top rope with a drop kick.

10:26 pm – Bryan with a flurry of offense including kicks, clothes lines and the crowd is firmly behind him chanting Yes! Yes! Yes! He begins to kick Cena and is then met with two shoulder tackles which gets the crowd to boo. Bryan and Cena then go into a series of reversals which ends with the five knuckle shuffle and a failed FU.

10:23 pm – the match has made its way outside.

10:16 pm – Daniel Bryan and John Cena are both out for tonight’s main event… Fans in attendance are clearly behind Bryan as the two are introduced.

MAIN EVENT STARTS: John Cena versus Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title… Triple H as guest referee

Fandango goes to interrupt the Miz again and the Miz responds with a punch to his face

10:03 pm – Dolph Ziggler with the Zig-zag and the 1-2-3. WINNERS: Dolph and Kaitlyn

AJ Lee and Big E Langston are out and ready to fight against Dolph Zigger and Kaitlyn

9:52 pm – CM Punk stands up in the ring and the fans chant his name. He winks and limps away to sell the match

9:48 pm – Punk punches Heyman and gets him to tap out. Lesnar hits Punk with a chair. F5 on the chair and 1-2-3… winner Brock Lesnar

9:45 pm – Punk jumps off the turnbuckle with a chair and lands on Lesnar… who of course kicks out. Punk goes for another chair shot, Heyman grabs the chair. AND PUNK gets out of the F5. THE GTS. 1 -2… Heyman interferes. Punk goes to attack Heyman… chasing around the ring and into the ring, where Brock goes for the f5,…. a block by Punk and another kick out by Lesnar. Heyman in the ring with a chair….. Punk stands on it.

9:42 pm – Both men looking gasses. Lesnar gets a chair. Punk jumps off the top turnbuckle to outside the ring where Lesnar was holding up the chair. Punk has the Chair in hand and hits Lesnar.Punk lets out a scream and gets in the ring. Lesnar blocks a chair shot and tires for one of his own. Punk with a low blow!

9:39 pm CM Punk and Lesnar going back and forth trying to do their finishers. Lesnar gets Punk in the arm break… Punk fighting back and gets out and puts Lesnar in an armbar. Both men have their hands around each other and Lesnar picks up Punk and slams him down. Lesnar does a running slam this time… both men laying prone on the mat

9:37 pm CM Punk is now in full control of the match.

9:29 pm CM  Punk took the advantage of the match but turned his focus to Paul Heyman. Lesnar proceeded to throw him around the announce table and beat him up outside the ring. Once back in the ring Punk showed some more offense.

9:22 pm – CM Punk versus Brock Lesnar has begun

A segment from earlier airs with Ryback pouring soup down a caterers shirt. He then dumped more over the mans head.

9:12 pm – Natalya defeats Brie Bella with the shartshooter. A very nice womens match.

9:05 pm – Natalya versus Brie Bella has begun

8:58 pm – Alberto Del Rio defeats Christian via submission Christian injured his shoulder doing the spear and tapped out to an armbar. Del Rio then told the fans it was a great night because he was still their champion and said he was representing the Latinos. He then called himself a hero and idol. (little to no crowd reaction)

8:43 pm – Christian versus Alberto Del Rio about to start… Del Rio insists Lilian announce him in Spanish. Crowd boos.

8:39 pm – Cody Rhodes defeated Damien Sandow with the Cross Rhodes in what was a very good back and forth match. Sandow remains Mr. Money in the Bank.

8:30 pm – Damien Sandow out for his match, proceeded to call Cody Rhodes nothing more then a sidekick, Cody Rhodes is out… without the mustache…

While the match/angle seemed dumb the WWE panel of Booker T and Shawn Michaels attempted to talk up the Wyatt family debut. Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler did the same as the fans in attendance seemed bored.

Bray Wyatt defeats Kane after the Wyatt Family threw a fire retardant blanket over the “flames” and proceeded to beat Kane down.After the match Bray Wyatt sat in his chair as the other two members of his family smashed Kane’s head between two steps and then dragged him away.

Prior to SummerSlam

RVD defeated Dean Ambrose by DQ


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