WWE Monday Night Raw: Live Updates & Results for August 5, 2013


WWE Monday Night Raw is LIVE tonight from Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. With only two shows left prior to SummerSlam, emotions are high as anything can happen during these last two weeks leading up to the second biggest pay-per-view event of the year.

Time: 8:00 pm EST
Channel: USA Network




11:05 pm – Orton thinking about cashing in Money in the Bank but the Shield is back out. Orton slithers away. The Shield again go on to attack Cena and Bryan. The Shield stands in the ring over Bryan as RAW ends. Orton is left holding his briefcase.

10:58 pm – The Shield has made their way to the ring. Match begins with Rollings and Orton in the ring first after tags Ambrose puts together a good showing against Bryan. Tags again as Bryan tags in Cena who clears house… The ref did not see the tag. Byran gets a wrist lock on Rollins before the Shield is DQ’d as they all attack Bryan…. ORTON HITS A RKO ON BRYAN. Shield back in. Orton and Cena clear the ring,  Orton hits Cena with a RKO!!!

CM Punk will face Paul Heyman on RAW next week

10:50 pm -Time for the Main Event. Daniel Bryan is first out, followed by Randy Orton and John Cena.

10:37 pm – Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E Langston up next. AJ Lee is ringside. Kaitlyn comes out to beat AJ up. They end up in the ring, distracting Ziggler. Big E close lined Ziggler and then hit him with The Big Ending before going for the pin and win. WINNER: Big E Langston

10:26 pm – The Real American’s are in the ring talking about how they can’t find any real Americans in Wisconsin. They make fun of the Packers. The crowd boos. They are fighting The Uso’s. Short match that ends when Cesaro hits Jey with The Neutralizer after Swagger hit him with a cheap shot. Cesaro takes the pin. WINNER: The Real Americans

10:20 pm – Talking with Stephanie McMahon backstage, Triple H says he is going to stop Vince McMahon at SummerSlam, that he is tired of his actions.

10:12 pm – Fandango vs. Kofi Kingston is about to start. Fandango danced to the ring with Summer Rae per usual. Winner: Kofi Kingston

10:11 pm – Paul Heyman interviews with Renee Young and  announces he is fighting CM Punk next week on RAW.

9:52 pm – CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel has started. RESULT: No contest.

Punk goes right up the ramp right away at Paul Heyman, but Axel cuts him off and they start fighting. Punk goes after the legs of Axel and then takes Axel out with a suicide dive. We head to a commercial break. Heyman is seen coming back towards the ring. CM Punk pulls Heyman into the ring and has him by the neck when Brock Lesnar comes out. Axel grabs Punks legs and rolls him out of the ring and gave him the GTS. Punk and Lesnar go back and forth. Punk went to hit Heyman with a chair, then Lesnar came up and gave Punk the F5. Punk was down on the ground when Lesnar went after him with the chair.

9:40 pm  – Christian beats Heath Slater with the spear

9:28 pm – Katilyn versus Layla has started… Kaitlyn appeared to be on her way to winning when AJ Lee came out and distracted her. Layla hits Katilyn with the bombshell for the win.

Layla and AJ then took a victory skip around the ring.

9:20 pm – Kane is on the jumbo tron, he says at Summerslam they will see why no one is going to be able to save them from a “Ring of Fire” … cue the pyro

9:14 pm – Brodus Clay & Tons of Funk dancing, here comes the Wyatt Family for their match.. match over with Wyatt family winning.

9:10 pm – Daniel Bryan is there to back up Cena and Orton. Brad Maddox says the main event of the night will be a 6-man tag match between with Orton, Cena and Bryan vs. The Shield

9:00 pm – John Cena comes out as the first hour of RAW comes to a close. Cena tells Bryan that the chap is here… Randy Orton comes out with his money in the bank brief case and tells Cena that “The champ is here”….. Enter the Shield

8:50 pmMATCH: RyBack vs. Mark Henry – RyBack got out of the ring and was then counted out. Mark Henry seemed visibly angry. WINNER: Mark Henry by count out.

8:41 pm – Cody Rhodes is in the ring. Flack backs are being shown between Rhodes and Damien Sandow from the last two weeks. Sandow came out into the ring, where Rhodes had the Money in the Bank briefcase. Rhodes threw the briefcase at Sandow. Sandow then left the ring angry. Rhodes took the ruined contract out of the briefcase and threw it. It ends with the two staring at each other.

8:25 pm – The Miz is sitting ringside for the match between Rob Van Dam and Alberto Del Rio WINNER: Rob Van Dam

Alberto got up and kicked Ricardo in the face. He then repeatedly hit him with a metal bucket, before throwing him out of the ring.  He put Ricardo’s head between the stairs and turnbuckle before kicking the stairs, slamming Ricardo’s head between the two.

8:18 pm – Daniel Bryan sits in the chair, but before Barrett gets to shave his beard, Bryan turns on him. Bryan ends up shaving a part of Barrett’s side burn off. Bryan says he is not going to change, he is going to be what he has always been, the “WWE Champion.”Bryan rips his dress shirt off revealing his “Fear the Beard” shirt. Bryan says, “Like John Cena says, “The Champ is here”, I say, “The Beard is Here” and then he exits, while we are left seeing McMahon kicking Bryan’s suit jacket in the ring.

8:16 pm – Wade Barrett comes out to act as the “barber” to shave Daniel Bryan’s beard.
8:10 pm – Vince McMahon comes out to the ring to talk with Daniel Bryan. Tells him there is just one more thing he needs to do. Shave that beard off. A barber chair is brought into the ring….
8:05 pm – Daniel Bryan is out dressed up in a suit, as a part of his “corporate makeover.” Bryan says he will wear the suit for now, slick his hair back for now, but when it comes to SummerSlam, he is going to do what we all want him to do… make John Cena tap out.
8:00 pm – Welcome to Monday Night Raw!!

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