Redskins believe Kirk Cousins is long-term solution at quarterback


The 2012 NFL Draft has yielded the Redskins their long-term solution at quarterback. Of course it was not, the No. 2 overall pick of the Draft, Robert Griffin III who won the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

Griffin never appeared the same for the Redskins following a torn ACL which occurred during a playoff loss against the Seahawks. Griffin’s struggles led to fourth-round pick Kirk Cousins assuming the helm of the Redskins offense.

Ironically it was former coach Mike Shanahan who clamoured for Cousins to be the Redskins starter over Griffin which led to his eventual exit from the team.

Now the Washington Post reports the franchise views Cousins as the solution at quarterback and will do whatever necessary to retain him this offseason either via an extension or the franchise tag.

The Redskins surely would rather give the 27-year-old a extension rather than pay up the franchise tag which was a stunning $18.54 million last year. The report from Mike Jones says that while the Redskins view Cousins as their solution to the ever important position they are unsure how much he is actually work.

Contract talks between Cousins and the Redskins have not reached advanced stages but he is due a hefty raise over the $660,000 he is making this season.

With just three interceptions in his last eight games and completing a whopping 69.7 percent of his passes the Redskins offense has looked efficient.