Broncos QB situation a toss up between Manning and Osweiler

Who will start Week 16 for the Broncos against the Bengals is anyone’s guess. 

Broncos head coach Gary Kibiak did not clarify the situation on Monday saying he was “starting from scratch” in determining who would start the pivotal game for the team who has lost two straight. 

Brock Osweiler took over for Peyton Manning who had subcumb to injury and ineffective play. Before Osweiler took over the Broncos had lost their first two games. After three wins, including an upset of the Patriots, the Broncos have fallen on hard times losing their last two including a collapse  Sunday against the Steelers. 

Producing zero points in the second half of three straight games is doing Osweiler no favors. 

Manning began ramping up his practice last week but stopped on Friday. The reason is unclear. 

The Broncos can ill afford to wafer and prolong a decision. They must make a choice and go with it for the playoffs. Osweiler is not producing points but Manning was a turn over machine prior to that. One of them will start Week 16. 


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