Seahawks complete comeback, knock off Packers with overtime touchdown (GIF)

A week after getting some help from an official review the Green Bay Packers appeared on their way to the Super Bowl leading 19-7 in the NFC Championship game.

The Packers had forced turnovers from Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson but never could capitalize and find the endzone to put the game out of reach.

Thanks to two touchdowns – including a 24 yard run to give them the lead – the Seahawks rallied back. Part of the Seahawks rally back had to do with Brandon Bostic of the Packers muffing an on-side kick.

Packers kicker Mason Crosby tied the game up for overtime. It was short lived.

With no one playing the middle of the field, Wilson found Jermaine Kearse for the 35 yard game winner.

The Seahawks are now returning to the Super Bowl after winning it a year ago. They will face the winner of the Patriots and Colts.