Photo: Seahawks fans who left NFC Championship Game early

Down by 12 points with about five minutes left many fans of the Seattle Seahawks thought it was a good time to leave their seats and head to their cars.

You’ve probably been there before. Your favorite team is losing and getting home suddenly becomes the priority. Except in this case the Seahawks pulled off one of the more memorable comebacks in NFL history rallying and then winning in overtime.

That left thousands of Seahawk fans standing outside the standing pulling for their team opposed to actually being in stadium.

Part of you has to wonder why did these poor souls stand around to have their photo taken. They wanted to leave early and go to their car. Why not complete the process? With that many people standing around you easily could have gotten out of the parking lot in less than five minutes. Instead these people are now going viral.

Even though their team came back and won they look so sad. Probably still better than being a Packers fan right now.