Chuck Pagano still committed to Trent Richardson at RB


Even  though Dan Herron gave the Colts running game a spark on Sunday head coach Chuck Pagano is not ready to announce that Trent Richardson carries will be cut.

“We’re not there,” Pagano said of Herron getting the bulk of the Colts carries going forward via ESPN. “You guys might be, but I’m not.”

It was not until two weeks go that Pagano finally stopped starting Richardson and the Colts have been slow to give up on the former first round pick of the Browns who they acquired via trade early last year.

“He’s a professional, he understands,” Pagano said. “None of us can ever get away from working at our craft regardless of the circumstance, regardless of adversity, just keep grinding, just keep working, just keep swinging the ax. If he keeps swinging the ax, the tree will fall. If you put the ax down, the tree is never coming down. Just keep chopping wood and good things will happen.”

Herron’s 88 yards last week against the Redskins included a 49-yard touchdown run but he also fumbled for the second straight game which  may be the only thing holding him back.

“Protect the football, there’s nothing more important than protecting the football,” Pagano said. “Go back to work this week, ball security was obviously a point of emphasis, been a point of emphasis from Day 1 with this regime and it’ll continue to be that way. [You] can’t turn the ball over. He knows that.”