Golden Tate calls Bills decision to carry Jim Schwartz off field a “douche move”

Following their win over the Lions on Sunday, the Bills carried defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz off the field in dramatic Rudy style.

It is worth mentioning that Schwartz also served as the head coach of the Lions from 2009-2013 posting a 29-51 record during the regular season.

“It’s a terrible gesture. It was planned? That’s a total douche move,” Tate asked while appearing on Ryan and Rico on 105.1 WMGC-FM. “It’s something that doesn’t go unnoticed … It’s in the past. Hopefully they feel good about the Rudy moment that they had.”

Tate never played under Schwartz. He was with the Seahawks last season.

Previously Schwartz had told his Bills players that he wanted to be carried off the field when the team beat the Lions.

“He said that once he plays his former team that he wanted to be carried off and chant and have fun, and we just tried to make a dream come true,” Bills linebacker Randell Johnson said after the game via the Detroit Free Press.