Eli Manning believes he has “many more years ahead”, doesn’t buy decline

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The 2013 NFL season was the worst of Eli Manning’s career as the New York Giants signal caller threw 27 interceptions.

A few years ago Manning was telling doubters he was an “elite” talent and now he’s saying his run is not over.

“I think I have many more years ahead of me,” Manning told the Daily News. “I think this year will definitely be a better year. I’m looking forward to it. All I can worry about is coming to work every day, getting better, and make sure I’m doing everything I can to make sure we have a better year.”

The good news for the Giants and Manning is that they will start anew in 2014. Of course the Giants offense is more dependent on Manning than just about any team in the NFL so their season figures to go the way of the 33-year-old quarterback.

“I think it’s good to kind of feel like you have a fresh start,” Manning said. “It’s good to have to try to earn the respect of new coaches and get back to playing the way I know I can.”