Trying to keep up with Johnny Manziel rumors ahead of the 2014 NFL Draft

getty images

getty images

Johnny Manziel is the most polarizing player in this years NFL Draft. What Manziel lacks in size, he makes up for with intangibles.

Manziel has been positioned anywhere from first overall to not even in the first round. Personally I find the latter impossible to believe but alas some teams and their scouts feel that way.

Basically we know very little about where Manziel will go. The Houton Texans have not been as linked to him in the past few days as they had been in the weeks leading up to the draft so naturally it has been speculated that he will fall down on the boards.

Tampa Bay is said to not be interested in him at No. 7 which makes some sense given their current quarterback situation with Mike Glennon and Josh McCown. Perhaps they simply feel Manziel is no better.

The Dallas Cowboys keep getting linked to Manziel but it is doubtful that they would be able to draft him unless they were to trade up. For what its worth numerous people have reported that the Cowboys have Manziel at the top of their draft board which makes little sense given their current salary cap situation and the amount of money it would cost to dump Tony Romo who was just re-signed prior to last season.

Cleveland has been in and out on Manziel as have been Oakland and Minnesota. There has been little to no noise about Jacksonville drafting him.

And with all that said I could not begin to tell you where Johnny Football will be drafted.

Thankfully this will all end tonight!