Reggie Bush is okay with reduced workload

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The Detroit Lions will use both Reggie Bush and Joique Bell in their backfield this coming season.

While some running backs may be a bit threatened by a load-share situation, Bush is quick to point out the benefits citing health and strength throughout the season.

“We had a pretty good rotation going last (season), so, you know, we did some pretty special things with that,” Bush said, via ESPN. “It can only go up from there, even if the workload is less for both of us, that’s only going to help us toward the end of the season, help us to stay healthy and probably play a little bit stronger and better toward the end of the season.”

Last season, Bush and Bell became the first pair of running backs to top 500 yards rushing and receiving on the same team. This could happen again in 2014 as the Lions signed Jed Collins as a fullback suggesting they will move away from the pass offenses which were fielded under former offensive coordinator Scott Linehan.

“It’s just a guy in front of you,” Bush said. “The reads are a little bit different because you have to wait on the fullback to make their move and make their block.

“There’s a little bit more patience involved when you have a fullback in front of you as opposed to when you’re back there by yourself and you can just read the defense and you’re just waiting on the offensive line.”

Now 29 Bush knows all the stats about running backs and the age 30 and is not about to create a situation in Detroit.