Harbaugh has strained relationship with 49ers front office


Jim Harbaugh has two years left on his contract with the San Francisco 49ers. Over the last three years Harbaugh has guided three teams to the NFC Championship and one Super Bowl appearance.

But that does not mean that all is well between the front office and the head coach.

Last week reports circulated that the 49ers had attempted to trade Harbaugh to the Cleveland Browns. While both the front office and head coach denied the reports the noise has not quieted.

CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora passed along the following note about Harbaugh on Sunday.

The men are barely speaking, I’m told, and almost all communication is through email. Harbaugh also has a strained relationship with team president Paraag Marathe, sources said, and he has clashed with many within the organization. It could prove untenable. If anything, the impression I got this week was that the situation there is actually much worse than how it has been portrayed in the media, and helps explain the delay in giving a new deal to the coach, who has two years left on a contract he has outperformed.

La Canfora believes the 49ers will again look to trade Harbaugh next season and lists Miami and a possibility, It’s worth noting that Joe Phibin is serving out what many feel is a lame duck season.

Harbaugh may have had some strained relationships throughout his football career but the one thing he has done since moving into coaching is win, and winning is the great equalizer.


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