Chris Kluwe outraged that Mike Priefer still has job with Vikings, threatens legal action


Mike Priefer was kept on the Minnesota Vikings staff by new coach Mike Zimmer and that is not setting well with former punter Chris Kluwe.

“My one word description is ‘outrageous,’ ” Kluwe’s laywer Clayton Halunen said in an interview with the Pioneer Press. “It’s almost unimaginable that there’s a pending investigation regarding whether or not this guy engaged in homophobic, hate-filled behavior and without even a conclusion in the findings they’ve retained this person as a coach, as a leader.”

Kluwe has accused Priefer of making homophobic remarks during the 2012 season. Priefer denies those claims. Kluwe also alleged in a post for Deadspin that he was released by the Vikings for his support of same-sex marriage. The Vikings have been investigating those claims but contend they released Kluwe purely on his rising salary and declining performance.

Halunen said legal action will be taken against Priefer and the Vikings after their investigation is complete.

“It’s just a matter of when we begin litigation,” he said. “That’s the only question in my mind now. Do we immediately file suit or do we wait and see if we get the confirmation we get from their supposed investigation?”