Kaepernick believes timeout cost 49ers Super Bowl win

The San Francisco 49ers lost last year’s Super Bowl to the Baltimore Ravens because head coach Jim Harbaugh called a timeout late in the fourth quarter. That is how quarterback Colin Kaepernick believes at-least.

On a podcast with Bill Simmons, Karpernick said Harbuagh’s decision to all a timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty is what doomed the 49ers.

“There was one play we had that we had called a timeout on that I think would have walked in, and the play clock was running down so we called a timeout,” Kaepernick said.

After the timeout the 49ers threw two incomplete passes.

“It would have been close, but I think we might have been able to get that play off,” Kaepernick said.

There’s a lot of things to account for in Kaepernick’s train of thought. First the 49ers would have to get the play off and second he would have to run for a touchdown. I am not 100-percent sure either would have happened but it’s quotes like these that people love heading up to a Super Bowl.