NFL preventing Jim Harbaugh from wearing “traditional” tan khaki’s


Pantsgate will just not go away. Now the NFL is stepping in with the message to San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh: Stop wearing your tan khakis.

Ok so you probably have heard that Jim Harbuagh buy pants from Wal-Mart for $8, though currently the 49ers are trying to sell some Harbaugh game worn khaki’s which are ….. Dockers. (Last I checked you can’t get those at Wal-Mart)

Confused yet? Hang on.

Dockers is owned by Levis and is not an NFL sponsor like Nike, New Era and others.

So even as Dockers sent Harbaugh some pants this week so he can “win in style” he won’t be wearing those or the $8 threads. The 49ers are saying their coach will have to dress differently on Sunday according to the San Jose Mercury News.

But the 49ers said they are concerned about NFL rules that prevent Harbaugh or any other 49ers player from wearing anything other than Nike, New Era or any other NFL-sponsored gear during gametime.

So there you go basically the NFL says you can’t wear Levis, Dockers or Wal-Mart pants, I think. The Mercury News offered this other nugget which is a head scratcher.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the pants were not a problem because Harbaugh wears other approved clothes — such as a Nike shirt and New Era hat — and the policy has to do only with logos visible on gameday. The Dockers logo on the game-worn slacks is so small it would require a super-HD closeup to make it on TV.

No idea. Normally players are required to tape over logos from companies which are not NFL sponsors. You probably have noticed it on shoes and those Beats by Dre which simply have a black piece of tape.

I guess everyone would be checking out Harbaugh’s backside this week?

Hopefully this story goes away and fast because it just keeps getting more ridiculous.