Colts punter fined for tweeting almost naked photo of Andrew Luck


Andrew Luck and the Colts rallied from a huge deficit in the second half of last weekends Wild Card game against Kansas City.

Punter Pat McAfee was so excited he pulled out his phone in the Colts locker room and tweeted out a photo of Adam Venatieri. Unbeknownst to the punter was that Luck was naked in the background.

Fortunately for Luck someone else was texting, tweeting or playing candy crush and just happens to cover the quarterbacks private parts.


McAfree told the IndyStar that he was fined for the incident.

“Yeah, I got fined,” he said. “More than a dollar, less than $3 million, which is good news.

“But it was completely expected and completed warranted.”

“It was a very stupid mistake I made,” McAfee said. “The good thing is Andrew doesn’t hate me.”

McAfree says he called Luck about 400 times before the quarterback answered and that Luck said “no worries.”

When asked about the incident Luck declined comment.