NFL suspends Antonio Smith rest of preseason and opener for helmet swing


The NFL suspended Houston Texans defensive end Antonio Smith three games according to the player.

“The NFL handed down a three-week suspension, two preseason games and one regular-season game,” Smith told KRIV-TV in Houston. “My plan is, like anybody who gets in this situation, is to appeal it because that gives you the opportunity to state your case and to talk to the NFL and give them an opportunity to hear what you have to say.

“… In general, I feel disappointed, disappointed in myself that I was able to let him get to me in the way that he did that frustrated me, when knowing that that’s his whole game, that’s what he bases his skill level off of, and I let him take me down a road that led me into that path.”

Smith had expressed a desire to appeal the suspension which stemmed from a second quarter play in the Texans second preseason game against the Miami Dolphins.

Dolphins guard Richie Incognito grabbed Smith’s face mask and appeared to swing at him. Smith then reacted by taking Incognito’s helmet off and swinging it at him.