Glenn Beck wants Tim Tebow to do sports on his show


credit: getty images

Whether or not Tim Tebow’s NFL career is over can be debated. In fact the NFL future of Tebow has been beaten over the head of every sports fan for months. Now political commentators are talking about Tebow as Glenn Beck did some time last week.

“No, no. Politically. I mean there’s a different kind of trouble now. You can be a good guy — look at Tebow. You can be a good guy, clean life, and be on the wrong side politically, and you’re doomed.” said Beck via SportsGrind.

Beck and Tebow have appeared at events together in person before. One event was in Dallas in mid February according to Beck’s website.

Skip to the 4:44 mark of the video to hear Beck talk about Tebow or watch the entire thing to listen to some talk about Robert Griffin III.

Beck did offer Tebow a solution if his NFL career is indeed over.

“Hopefully when he no longer has a job and he’s out of football, we’ll have enough money to hire him at this network to do sports. (background laughing). Seriously. Who else would hire him to do even sports? ESPN probably wouldn’t hire him. Nobody’s going to hire him, he’s too controversial. And think of that. No one’s going to hire him because he’s religious? It’s unbelievable.”

Before the Tebow talk Beck was surprised at the price of Robert Griffin’s home as he expected it to be worth $3 million due to the size and area.

“Now c’mon man. You’re a quarterback. Really? You’re gonna have five bedrooms and four bathrooms? Think of that, four bathrooms. Nine thousand square feet, four bathrooms and five bedrooms. That means at least two [bedrooms] don’t have their own bathroom….

“I mean, three acres in Virginia. Remember, Virginia is not cheap. It’s never been hit by the housing crisis because of the government. So he’s got this house? It must suck. Three acres in Northern Viriginia? I mean, that’s like buying it out of Manhattan. Northern Virginia is like Manhattan. You’re not getting three acres in Northern Virginia. For $2.5 million? I’m surprised it wasn’t $3 million for the acreage….

“I’m looking at the pictures of this — we have to post this — I’m looking at the pictures of this house. It’s got a movie theater in it and everything else. $2.5 million, what is it, on a toxic waste dump? Seriously? It’s in Northern Virginia.”