DeMarco Murray taking place in OTAs


credit: getty images

DeMarco Murray took place in organized training activities on Wednesday. The Cowboys running back missed the start of OTAs with a hamstring strain.

“I got some good work in today. It was good to be back out there with my teammates and competing and just not being over there on those cords – those are definitely a beast,” Murray told Dallas “It just felt great to get back out there but mentally, physically, I had to make sure I was ready 100 percent. I didn’t want to go out there and then come out for a bit, then miss a couple of days and go back and forth.”

Murray went on to say that he would not change the physical way he has played in the past.

“When it comes to that, you’ve got not control over that … It’s not like it’s little things here and there, I’ve had an ankle and I had a foot – two things that are pretty serious,” he said. “I’d rather play five or six games the way I play – hard, fast and physical – than 16 games soft and tip-toeing and not contributing the way I’m used to contributing.”

Those comments swiftly go against his comments which he said he would play in all 16 games in 2013.

“I am going to play all 16 [games] this year and I’m excited,” Murray said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “It’s going to be a great year for us.”

Murray played in 10 games last season rushing for 663 yards and four touchdowns.