Nick Foles believes he is still a part of Eagles plans


Nick Foles either strongly believes in himself or he is choosing to ignore a bunch of recent moves by the Eagles. The Eagles brought back Michael Vick, signed Dennis Dixon and recently worked out Geno Smith.

Needless to say the moves have put a large question mark on the status of Foles going forward.

“Yeah, I do. I wouldn’t be here right now if I didn’t, I think I’d be somewhere else,” Foles told reporters Tuesday, via USA Today. “Yeah, I believe I fit here, I want to be here, I love this team and I love this city, so this is where I want to be.”

On the surface the style of Foles does not mesh with the one that new coach Chip Kelly plans to instal. Kelly used a bunch of read-option looks while coaching at Oregon and Foles is more of traditional pocket passer.

A trade to Kansas City seemed like an option for a while with former Eagles coach Andy Reid taking over but those reports were dashed by the Chiefs acquired Alex Smith.

Foles told reporters he can do anything that Kelly asks of him.

“That’s any quarterback. If you want to be a quarterback in this league or Pee-Wee, you’ve got to believe, ‘Hey, I’m the guy,'” Foles said. “If you think you’re going to be a backup, you’re going to be a backup.”