Richard Sherman is not afraid of Redskin receivers, has message for “haters”


Like him or not the ramblings of Richard Sherman continue. Sherman is ready for Sunday’s NFC playoff game against Washington telling USA Today that “None of them,” Redskin receivers worry him.

Seattle will also have Brandon Browner as their other starting corner. Browner served a four game suspension for a PED violation, the same violation that Sherman defeated due to improper handling of his urine specimen.

What type of Richard Sherman trash talking would be complete without Sherman telling his critics what he thinks of them.

“Everybody has haters,” Sherman said. “People think Jesus didn’t exist. They think he wasn’t a miracle worker. There are people who say he didn’t walk on water, or he only walked on water because he couldn’t swim. Those people’s opinions mean dirt to me.”

Alright then? The game is at 4:30 pm on Sunday.