Dez Bryant meets with doctors Wednesday instead of practicing


Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant met with doctors on Wednesday. Bryant is looking for medical options leading up to Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bryant is expected to play in the game as he has said “they’d have to break my leg to keep me out.”

Missing practice was expected from Bryant, Dwayne Harris will take his snaps for Wednesday. Speaking at a press conference before practice Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said the decision would be left up to Bryant.

“We’re just going to see where he is,” Garrett said. “We’re going to get that information. One of the things we know about Dez is that he’s a tough guy and he loves playing football. He’s going to give himself and give our team every chance possible to play in this ballgame and continue to play this season. We just need to get more medical information about how to handle the situation in the best way right now and for the future.”

Bryant’s third season with the Cowboys has featured plays that have been both frustrating and sensational. In recent weeks Bryant has  become the focal point of the Cowboys offense. This season Bryant has 75 catches for 1,028 yards and 9 touchdowns. Bryant has caught a touchdown in his last five games.