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Homencaafb newsThree Pittsburgh Panther football players charged with assault

Three Pittsburgh Panther football players charged with assault

Three University of Pittsburgh football players will be summoned to court for the alleged attack of a man in October, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette has reported.

Pittsburgh Panthers RB Ray Graham, WR Devin Street, and and DB Lafayette Pitts surrounded a man in Oakland and punched him in the head.

The victim,Karl Olsheski told police that Graham came up to him and asked “What’s up?” and then uttered a racial slur. Olsheski said he replied, “Nothing” and tried to leave. At that time the three football players surrounded him, and then Street punched him on the right side of the head.

According to the criminal complaint, Olsheski said he did not want to file chargers, he just wanted police to stop the guys who “punched him in the head.”

The three have not been arrested but will be receiving a summons in the mail to appear in court January 9th, 2013 for a preliminary hearing.

The school has not released a statement on whether or not the three will play in Saturday’s game against Notre Dame.


  1. I’m a Pitt alum. I’m also a 2nd grade teacher. Charges definitely should be filed. In the NFL, players think they can get away with this kind of behavior as well. That they are “above the law”. Now we see it in college ball? Where will it end? It is up to the police to teach consequences to these “boys” so that they might learn that, in the real world, actions have consequences. What kind of a message are we sending to today’s youth when we let these things go? It is our duty as a society to stop this kind of behavior that is definitely sending the wrong message about who needs to obey the law and who doesn’t.

  2. Isn’t it convenient that these suspects will be mailed a summons to report on Jan 9 after the end of the football season. Are all reported crimes handled in this manner or is this just another case of special treatment of a teams most valuable players.

  3. My son is a roomate with a Pitt football player. Believe me, there is a lot of “favortism” being played toward these players. Kind of sad …


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