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Longhorns exposed as frauds as schedule toughens

The Texas Longhorns were handed again this week. The latest beating came at the hands of the rival Oklahoma Sooners. Last week the Longhorns were beaten by West Virgina.

Against West Virginia the Longhorns proved they could not stop a capable offense. West Virginia ran and threw the ball at will putting up 48 points.

When Oklahoma and Texas met in Dallas the Longhorns could not even fire on offense. A team averaging over 40 points a game managed 2 points in the first half and that was on a blocked extra point attempt. The ground game was unable to get started after a big game against West Virginia and the passing game would convince one that David Ash was successful in previous games

With over five minutes to go in the second quarter the sea of burnt orange leaving the cotton bowl told the tale of the game. Oklahoma had their way with Texas on both sides of the ball.

Commentator Brad Nessler questioned if he had seen a game as one sided as Saturday’s match-up. Texas had been successful against lesser teams by wearing them down with their larger players. They had been able to come back against Oklahoma State because the Cowboys share many of the same weaknesses.

The loss to Oklahoma should end any talk of Texas being in a BCS bowl. Backup Sooner quarterback Blake Bell torched them for four touchdowns on the ground. Damien Williams ran for 145 yards, in the first half.

The game did not need a second half. Texas was proven to be a fraud. Unfortunately for the Longhorns those quarters had to be played too.

John Boarman
John Boarman
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    • we need to get a pettition to lose coach brown hes been doing this too long and needs to habd down the baton –they need a coach that will have them actually tackle during practice and then it will help them in a real game


  1. UT needs to dump blowhard Mack Brown and get a coach that is more interested in coaching than promoting TV sites. UT is lucky A&M left the Big 12 or this year would be even more embarrassing.

  2. Enough excuses, it starts at the top, starting with the AD, then the coach. Im an ex and live in FL. Even the diehard UF and FSU folks here see the problem. Why can’t the Board of Regents? DKR knew when to get out, and he was a God at UT. Mack is not in the same league as DKR, and nor is Deloss Dodds!

  3. On Offense trickery and misdirection wont work against a smart disiplined and well prepared Defence there is way too much speed……on Defence you need the basic ability to tackle and that means the hit em at the waist, wrap your arms and pull the runner down ….. the Longhorns cant seem to see this …..we have a group of 4 and 5 star players they have been tasught these things ….our coaching staff has neglected these things …… ITS TIME FOR MACK BROWN AND THE CLOWN ACT TO GO ……

  4. It has been long past due, since losing the National Championship game and not playing McCoy in it, he has done little to help the team. The last two years have been pretty pathetic and they get the top recruits every year

  5. Ive been watching Texas football for over 50 years. This is the first time I have ever seen a Texas team afraid of their oppanent. Actually afraid to take a runner or blocker one on one,hence all the attempted arm tackles that missed and players just looking defeated on the field as early as the 1st Quarter. I agree with some of the earlier bloggers,time for changes to be made. This D cordinator definitly out. Mack ,he’s taken over 50 million in Longhorn Money and looks to fat and comfortable. He delievered 1 National championship,but a better coach(Sabin, Stoops) would have at least three with the personel he’s had. I see A& M having some early recuiting success,selling players on the SEC, Oklahoma always pays a fortune for top Texas talent,I’t’s not gonna get any easier for Mack,so maybe his time has come. What have you done for us lately Mack? Start the search now before more damage is done.

  6. Oklahoma does not have to pay Texas Players. We just play them replays of our big wins over UT: 63-13. 62-14. 55-15, 63-21. That usually does the trick. Who wants to play for a team that gets demoralized by their chief rival on National TV?

  7. It’s a shame! that with all the five-star players that texas gets every year.One would think that they’ll win a nationa-championship every year. But “NO” It must be the coaching. So,all you five- star players especially from texas or where’eva think twice about going to the University fo Texas to play football.Maybe basketball or softball,something ,instead of football. Especially when you get rump like that for the past two years! Every year,Oklahoma gets three-star players or four-star players,maybe a couple of five-star players. But the difference is the coaching! Boomer-Sooner!

  8. Ut fans need to stop bitchin.Got to give it time. Mack gets those players best at it. We do need a new Defence cord. Texas has been in the BCS championship game twice in 4 years and should of been 3. Gilbert did not pan out but i belive Ash will come around. If we had a kicker we maybe win the west virgin game and had more swagger against OU. We beat OSU and Baylor teams that beat us the last 2 years. Its a start. I do belive Manny has to go but Mack NEEDS to stay he deserves to fix the ship. 2013 will be better.


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