Nick Goepper wins gold in Men’s Ski SlopeStyle at X Games, full results


Nick Goepper won X Games gold in the Men’s Ski SlopeStyle. The final of Men’s Ski SlopeStyle took place Sunday afternoon in Apsen, CO.

The best of three timed runs was used to determine the winner. Goepper’s third run of 95.00 beat out McRae Williams.

Williams and Andreas Håtveit won silver and bronze medals for their efforts.

Results for Men’s Ski SlopeStyle at X Games

1 Nick Goepper 95.00
2 McRae Williams 92.66
3 Andreas Håtveit 90.33
4 Henrik Harlaut 89.33
5 Gus Kenworthy 87.00
6 Joss Christensen 86.33
7 Antti Ollila 85.00
8 Russ Henshaw 78.66