Chris Weidman stuns Anderson Silva in UFC middleweight fight


Chris Weidman defeated Anderson Silva in their match-up at UFC 162.

Weidman stunned the crowd when he knocked Silva out 1:18 into the second round. Silva had won his last ten title defenses. It was the first time Silva had ever been TKO in his career.

“I feel like I was destined for it, but it still felt a little far-fetched.” Weidman said.

In an interview after the match, Silva, 38, did not request a rematch and  said he is not retiring. He did not give any clear indication of his future plans other than that he won’t fight for the belt again.  “I worked hard for this fight. I respect my fans; I respect U.S. Chris Weidman was the best tonight. He is the best. ” Silva said.

Silva thanked the crowd almost in tears and said, “This changed my life, my family’s life.”

Weidman, 29, was escorted to the ring as “Born in the USA” played over the loudspeaker. Weidman is from Baldwin, New York.