Former NFL Cheerleader accepts plea deal in sex case

The former NFL Cheerleader who was charged with having sex with an underage student has accepted a plea deal.

Sarah Jones, 26, will return to court on Monday and then be sentenced according to ABC News’ Cincinatti affiliate WCPO-TV. Details of the plea deal were not released.

Jones was indicted in March on charges of first-degree sexual abuse and unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual or other prohibited acts. Police say the charges stem from an investigation that began in November at Dixie Heights High School in Edgewood, Ky.

Jones was a former English teacher at the high school and also served as a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals. In November she stepped down from her position citing personal reasons.

“People don’t know the real me. There’s blogs and postings out there that I have slept with numerous people. I married my high school sweetheart,” she told ABC’s Good Morning America in July. “I just asked the general public to maybe hold their judgment a little bit longer until the truth comes out.”

Her mother, Cheryl Jones, will also take a plea deal for tampering with evidence in the case.

“The hardest thing has been having not only me go through it, but to have my mom go through it with me,” Jones told “GMA”. “It’s almost kind of a guilty feeling that she is even involved in this because what has happened to her is not fair. My goal is for her charges to be dismissed.”


  1. unbelievable how a female teacher “gets off” free and clear with no jail time for having sex with a (child)..and if it was a male teacher and a female student they (the courts) would throw the book at him and he would get no less than 5 years and be listed as a predator. Listening to her makes me and everyone i know sick how she has justified it in her mind, and to also have his parents back her up for doing it..good for you son a cheerleader..guess that makes it all right. She got paid off for her other scandal, now im sure there is a book deal or movie in the works for this “little indiscretion”on her part..why do we continue to allow female teachers walk away free for having sex with students they are paid to isnt a dating site for teachers to search for their next relationship.

  2. I must disagree. Really now, is there a victim here?? Yes it is a double standard but lets be realistic, boys and girls will react in a much differant way to this “abuse”. Is a teenage boy really going to be affected in a negative way like a teenage girl? No. Let’s be honest here, a girl abused by a 27 year old man may be deeply emotionally scared. If it happens to a 17 year old boy? It’s the best day of his life.

    • i totally agree with you Tim. there was no victim here. except for the fact that it might interfere with the boys education slightly.

      license revoking and a decent size fine should be punishment in my mind.

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