Horse Betting – Winning Strategies That Work All The Time

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Are you fond of betting on horse racing events? Are you looking for a horse betting strategy that will increase your chances of winning? If yes, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to give you some of the winning horse racing strategies that work all the time. Punters know that beating the bookie is difficult, but with the right strategy and technique, you will be able to increase your chances of winning.

Below are the horse racing betting tips as recommended by

  • Know the statistics – Statistics has a lot to do with your betting strategy. About 40% of favorite horses won the race, and the remaining 60% place. Therefore, before placing your bet, you have to know what the statistics say as it can significantly affect your betting decision.
  • Know what racing handicap is all about – For newbie punters, they would often think that the odds reflect the chances of winning most of the time. however, it is not always the case. The odd determines how the general public is betting. What bookmakers do is adjust the odds accordingly, making sure they secure profit regardless of the race’s outcome.
  • Horses’ past performances – It would help if you are going to keep track of the horses’ past performances, especially the last three performances, as they indicate whether the horse’s next run will be a win or a loss.
  • Trainer and jockey’s performances – Another thing to consider when placing a bet in a horse racing event is the trainer and jockey’s performances. Fortunately, you can access such information online, at the racetrack, and newsstands. It’s all about knowing how well the horse and jockey perform for the past races, as it will help you gauge your next move.
  • Type of training – Aside from obtaining all the necessary information about the horse you want to place a bet on, another thing to check is the training the horse underwent through. Is the horse train to run best at a long-distance? Some horses can run fast but cannot retain the speed when running long distances.
  • Search for value bets – Another strategy that could increase your chances of winning is looking for value bets; by doing so, you will be able to increase your long-term profit.
  • Take advantage of bonuses and incentives – if you register at an online bookmaker, chances are, you will be given a welcome bonus and incentive. Take advantage of these perks as they can be extremely beneficial in increasing your bankroll. They are a perfect way to enhance your betting strategy without digging a hole in your pocket.
  • Points racing strategy – A point system betting strategy is not new but always works best. By using this strategy, you can significantly improve the likelihood of choosing a winner. How does the point racing system work? It works by giving a score on every horse over the last three races. For every race the horse managed to win, you will give a corresponding five points. For the horse in the second place, the equivalent score is three, for third place, the equivalent score is two, and one point for the fourth place. You have to add up the points, and the horse with the highest score will have the highest chances of winning.

Horse racing is one of the most sought-after sports betting events by Indian punters. It brings fun and thrill, but most of all, it can help increase your bankroll provided you managed to select the best horse in the race. For more information about sports betting in India, visit India Casino Info.





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